On-Site for Athletes

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork

           On-Site, For Athletes

                      Erik Andelman, LMT - 423-215-2486, http://eriksmassage.com


Therapeutic Thai Bodywork: a combination of passive stretching and very deep massage. Performed on a mat, clothing on.


·       On-site Bodywork for pre-event and pre-workout preparation. 10-15 minute sessions on warmed-up athletes. Designed to enhance performance and prevent injuries by increasing flexibility in targeted muscle groups. Ideal for teams or groups.

·       On-site Bodywork for recovery and flexibility. Variable duration, designed to increase flexibility in targeted muscle groups for increased athletic performance.

·       On-site Power Yoga lessons for conditioning and flexibility. Groups or one-on-one.



On-Site Bodywork: First hour = $90, then $80/hour

On-Site Yoga Lessons: First hour = $70, then $50/hour

Discounts available for over two hours, contact for details.

Appointments available at downtown studio location.

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork is a fusion of Traditional Thai Massage and modern therapeutic massage techniques including Deep Tissue and Postural Analysis. Hips, core and shoulder muscles are focused on, in order to bring the back and entire body into balance, and to enable the athlete to move with greater fluidity and efficiency.


Erik Andelman began his massage studies in 1991 when he was certified in Russian Sports Massage. He was a collegiate cross-country runner and is a long-time rock climber. He began studying Yoga in 1992, and was certified in Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand, in 2000. In 2002, he spent a year studying Yoga with numerous teachers across India. He is a licensed (TN 8950) and insured massage therapist.