Body Rebuild - Corrective Strength Training

Body Rebuild  feel better, look better, move better

Body Rebuild is a physical training program which focuses on corrective strengthening, mobility and joint stability.  Our first goal is to rebuild the foundational muscle groups of a healthy body: hamstrings, glutes, hips, core, and muscles of the entire back. This leads to better posture and form, which lays the groundwork for us to progress on to higher levels of fitness.

It’s for you if:
•    you want a complete program that combines all aspects of fitness
•    you may have nagging injuries or back pain that may have been aggravated by exercise in the past
•    you want a program that will accommodate your current level of fitness - not somebody else's standard
•    you want a supportive group environment that is motivating and intense, without being competitive
•    you want a focus on form, alignment, mobility, posture, and safety

How does it work?  Body Rebuild uses a variety of unconventional techniques to strengthen key areas of the body.  During the process, individuals receive individual attention to identify and correct existing weaknesses, imbalances, and restrictions of mobility.  Most of our techniques focus on movement training as well as strength and conditioning.  Self-care techniques are taught to speed recovery between training sessions. The therapeutic aspects of the program are all built into workouts which also help with conditioning, weight loss, and muscle definition.

The details:  Small group and private sessions are held at Bullman’s Kickboxing & Krav Maga, in Bearden, or on-site at your location.
Small group schedule bellow, cost is $15 for drop-in students, with monthly packages available.

The trainer:  Erik Andelman was a collegiate cross-country runner, but eventually  gave up running due to injuries.  His search for good health led him to study Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand, in the year
2000. In 2002, he quit his job as Silicon Valley software engineer to spend a year in India, where he studied Yoga with numerous teachers throughout the country. His subsequent experiences as a Yoga teacher and massage therapist convinced him that strength training was critical to the success of his students and clients.  He is a certified Personal Trainer(AAAI/ISMA) and TN licensed Massage Therapist.

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