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Integrating Yoga, Corrective Strength Training & Bodywork to help you rebuild your body and health.   
Unnatural ergonomics, old injuries, weakness, tightness - your body is trying to tell you to change, and it's language is pain. Just as a baby can only cry to communicate need, so can your body only hurt to communicate it's need for you to change. When you sit in the chair for too long and your body begins to hurt, it's saying "get up!"
It's never too late to turn things around.  My goal is to help you change your body and feel better for the long-run.

Sessions may include:

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork: A combination of very deep massage and assisted stretching. Releases and increases circulation to targeted muscles and connective tissue. For all body types, including large people, athletes, or others needing lots of pressure. Performed on a mat, clothing on, no oils used.  More...

Corrective Strength Training: Just as certain parts of the body are tight and restricted, certain parts are weak or even atrophied.  Often times our most painful parts are weak muscles struggling to hold their place in an imbalanced structure.  By strengthening targeted muscle groups we can bring the body back into balance.  By increasing our level of fitness we can improve our healing capacities and increase energy levels.  More...

Yoga: The ancient art which combines physical health and spiritual seeking is constantly being redefined in modern times.  Here we use it to assist our process of gaining strength and flexibility, and also as a simple but extremely effective tool for stress-management.  More...

Contact me to schedule a session at locations in Bearden, and for house-calls in the Knoxville area.
Text or phone : (423)215-2486
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60 minute = $80
90 minute = $110

Erik Andelman

Body Rebuild