Steel Guitar

Erik on Steel guitar with Worn Boots.

This me playing my Fender Pedal 800 steel guitar. Fender steel guitars were produced from the 1950's till discontinuation in 1981. Mine probably dates from sometime in the 1960's. When I bought it in 1975, it was only equipped with the original 6 floor pedals. Later, 5 knee levers were added and the tuning was changed from E9th to a D7th + 6 universal copedant. This allowed me to play C6th based songs and E9th. About 5 or 6 years ago, I had my friend Jan Visser replace the old knee levers for 7 brand new, professional levers and a brand new universal, copedant.
I have played this instrument for a number of years in the 1980's with the Dutch band "Apple Jack" and now with "The Neighbours".

I will never part from this instrument. It lacks the sustain from modern guitars, but I love the specific Fender tone. It's best played through a Fender Vibrosonic Amplifier, like the one I own since 1977. That needs to be refurbished though. Tubes are ok, but I need to replace resistors and capacitors.