Erik has been a Caller for well over 30 years, and calls from Basic up to Plus. Well known for his showmanship, Erik has always put a lot of energy and effort into the promotion of Square Dancing.
While calling, his main goal has always been: Success for the dancers!
Erik learned to Square Dance in 1977 with the well known Dutch Caller Will Stans at the Tulip Twirlers. Met his wife Martha, when she came to visit the club in 1979.

In 1983 Erik picked up calling coached by Arie Stoffer. In that very same year his first club, The Liberty Lines was started by Martha and Erik.
The club Walk 'n Dodge in Cambridge, England,  invited Erik to call for their 9th Birthday Dance in July 1984, an invitation he gladly accepted.

Erik has called for the following clubs
  • Liberty Lines
  • Red Eagle Square
  • NVS
  • Sjelter Squeezers
  • Tuïhanti Square Dancers
  • Dom Town Square Dancers

Current assignments are:

  • The Flintstones
  • Volksdans Vereniging Nijmegen
  • NVS Summer camp
  • NVS Square Dance Weekend
  • Various different folk dance groups

Past appearances:

  • Calling for a beginner group in Scotland in fall 1999. Organized by Nicholas Broadbridge from Lanark.
  • Western Experience January 29, 2000, 's Hertogenbosch,NL
  • NVS Whitsun Dance Camp 2000, Elsendorp, NL 
  • Tulip Dance in Littleton, Colorado, USA on July 15, 2000
  • Western Experience September 9, 2000, in Almere NL, which has been broadcasted on TV
  • Rabbits & Doves, Paris, France, September 30, 2000.
  • Christmas Music and Dance Round-up 2000, 's Hertogenbosch, NL.
  • NVS Christmas Course 2000, Nunspeet, NL
  • Witches and Vampires, October 12, 2002 with the Border City Squares in Nashua NH, USA
  • Barn Dance, Benefit Dance and Special Dance, April 2005, Denver CO, USA
  • Square Dance Tour USA 2009,TX, AK, TN, MS
    March 21: Funtimers, Harlingen, TX
    March 25: Swinging Lakers, Cedar Park, TX
    March 27: Guys 'n Dolls, Texarkana, AK
    March 31: Plus Unlimited, Nashville, TN
    April 3    : Magnolia Swingers, Biloxi, MS
    April 5    : Texas Bluebonnets, Schertz, TX
  • Square Dance Tour USA 2011, CO
    April 15: Waggin' Wheelers, Colorado Springs, CO
    April 16: Columbiners SDC, Boulder
    April 23: Ridge Runners SDC, Conifer, CO
    April 26: Chatfield Country Kickers, Grand Junction, CO
    April 29: Kilowatt 8's, Denver, CO
    April 30: Ridge Runners SDC, Conifer, CO
  • NSV Square Dance Weekends 2004 through 2015 and 2016 coming up!
  • Workshop for Nicole Beutler's project "6: THE SQUARE"