Eriko Uematsu

Dr.Eriko Uematsu, Ph.D.

Dr. Eriko Uematsu is a associate professor at Musashinogakuin University. From her experience teaching at the junior and senior high school levels, she has gathered information and published research in the field of Education and how it ties in to Media Literacy. In 2003, she participated in the MELL PROJECT (organized by the Tokyo University of Information), through the MTV(Media literacy Teachers Village) service in which her lecture on Media Literacy was broadcast around the internet. Eriko Uematsu obtained a PhD degree in Education from Niigata University. She work at Niigata University (2009~Part-time), and research fellow of  Graduate School of Modern Society and Culture (2010). AmilecAsia pacific media information literacy education centermember(2012~) Musashinogakuin University, Associate Professor, Japan Society of Digital Textbook Subprincipal. International University of Japan Visiting Research Fellow ( ) (2013~)
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In 2004, she presented the paper “A Guide and Study of the New ‘Keitai’ Literacy for the Next Generation” at the 2004 International Academy for the New Generation. In the same year, she presented a paper titled “Media Literacy Education in Japanese Language Textbooks,” at the Educational Media in Schools summit.

Dr. Uematsu plans to construct a new kind of education to keep up with how the information-oriented society develops and evolves. In a new information society with new technology tools, she is trying to fit education into the current environment.


Congresses and Societies

Eriko Uematsu is a member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA); the Japan Society for Educational Technology (JSET); The Japan association for Education Study( JAEMS),The Japanese Teaching Society of Japan; The Japan Reading Association; the Nihon kokugo kyouiku gakkai; the Jinbunka kyouiku gakkai; the Japan Association of Information and Communication;  the Society of Mobile Interactions; the Japan Association for Communication, Information and Society; the Japan Media Literacy Research Institute; the Niigata University Japanese Language Research Association (Humanities) ; and the Niigata University Japanese Language Research Association (Education). Japan Society of information and communication research.