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    Working Papers

    • "The Social and Ecological Determinants of Common Pool Resource Sustainability." with Alexander VostroknutovView Here
      • R&R at Journal of Environmental Economics & Management.
    • "Single- and Double-Elimination All-Pay Tournaments." with  Cary A. DeckView Here
      • R&R at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
    • "Invasion, Self-Defense and Third-Party Enforcement: Modeling Emergent Property Rights with Applications to Economic History." View Here
    • "Malicious Envy and Discouragement: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Inequality on Investment." with Gary A. Hoover.
    • "Alliance Formation and the Structure of Conflict." with Peter DeScioli.

    Works In Progress

    • "Ecological Dynamics and the Adaptability of Institutions."
    • "Opportunity Cost Drives Overbidding in 2nd Price Auctions." with J. Philipp Reiss.
    • "A Reputation for (dis)Honesty." with Erte Xiao.
    • "Rules, Norms and Prosociality over the Life-Cycle." with Hilary Aime and Tanya Broesch.