About Me

I am currently an Assistant professor of Economics at The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA. My research interests include Public Finance and Urban Economics. My Public Finance research considers such topics as the role of taxes in vacation home growth rates and how support for higher education funding by is affected by the racial composition of students and voters. In Urban Economics my research focuses on understanding and measuring industrial agglomeration patterns and how urban structure may affect optimal property tax decisions. My work has been published in the Journal of Urban Economics and Regional Science and Urban Economics and has been presented at the NBER Summer Urban Institute, the Boston Federal Reserve, the AREUEA ASSA sessions as well as the national and international RSIA-UEA conferences. 

I currently teach courses in Business Statistics and Urban Economics. In the past I have taught introductory micro, macro and statistics, Game Theory, Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics and Public Finance for Econ majors.

From 2008-2015 I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. I received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder (2008), and a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Northern Michigan University (1999). After graduating from NMU, I worked from 2000-2002 as an actuarial systems designer for Physician's Plus insurance in Madison, WI.