Welcome to my personal web page.  In October 2013 I joined the faculty in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology at the University of Maine.  I came to Maine via a post-doc with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, a PhD in the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology program at the University of Nevada, Reno, and an M.Sc. through the Department of Natural Resources Science at the University of Rhode Island.

I'm quite fascinated by the native grouse of North America, and you will notice a heavy grouse bias on this site.  This is in part because they provide excellent subjects for evaluating ecological relationships and for informing conservation decisions at meaningful scales.  Grouse are highly specialized to the ecosystems they inhabit, and their populations tend to respond very rapidly to environmental change and human disturbance.  These birds relate to their environments at multiple spatial scales, and so provide convenient study subjects for addressing diverse research questions within a single study system.  Many species have experienced substantial contemporary declines (the lesser prairie chicken and Gunnison sage-grouse being prime examples) and are of special conservation concern as a result.  I'm currently involved in projects working with greater sage-grouse and Columbian sharp-tailed grouse out west, and ruffed grouse and spruce grouse here in the east. 

I can be reached via email at erik.blomberg AT maine.edu