Hella Fat Beats from the land of well....  uh....  Hella?

This Oversized B-Boy has been obsessed with mixing since a day in 1997 when he skipped class to get his first chance on the decks. That first attempt to match beats was all it took to get him hooked for life. It began with vinyl, a passion to find the latest and greatest in aural pleasure has been with him ever since. 
Over the years Erik_Hz has developed a sound that has been described as aggressive, melodic, and funky. Blending the energy and polish of Techno with the spastic and funky sounds of Breaks; his sets will often span many genres and time signatures. Sprinkle in a bit of the absurd, a bit of the future, add heaps of wobble-wobble-womp, you get sets that are both innovative and massively satisfying. He is happy to be the DJ that does the unexpected, and does it well. Recently Erik has been privileged to join the roster of the world famous (or is it infamous?) Space Cowboys. A collective that eat's parties like yours for breakfast, takes tahoe by storm with Snowfest, rolls with Ninjas in their Unimog ATAVAV (All-Terrain Audio/Visual Assault Vehicle) to BurningMan,and set's sail every Halloween with Ghostship. Being addicted to music has it's benefits