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Me in the 2007 Iowa State Fair 

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Iowa State Fair 2007 


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Update 9.9.07-

Alas, no prizes this year.  The panoramic photo of the truck didn't make it in.  I believe the reason was that it wasn't sharp enough. 

My Iowa State Fair 2007 Entries.

Also, here is the statistic board.  Click on it to get a full res picture.  I entered in Classes 33, 34, and 46.

Also, I'll be posting a page for photos taken at the fair soon.  Check back later.

Previous entry: 

As of 7.29.07, all I know is that 2 of my 3 entries were accepted for display.  The reception will be held August 7, so accounting for the delay in the posting of information, I should be able to post the results on the 8th or 9th.

Check out the exhibitors at the 2007 Photography Salon.  I'm number 226. 

Check out the Iowa State Fair 2007 Entries  page here.

No winners this year.

Check back soon for pictures from the fair!