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Political Translation

Political Translation
Select quotes from the following article, followed by my interpretation.

Building on a foundation for success
By Steven Fischmann / For the Sun-News

Building on a foundation for success
 (expanding control)

...As a member of the New Mexico Senate education committee, I've seen a wide range of proposals for improving our schools. Sometimes it feels as if no theory or gimmick goes unfunded.
 (we have done everything we could in the past for improving our schools)

...At the end of the day, none of these changes have resulted in meaningful improvement in our children's learning performance.
 (nothing has helped)

...there are two factors that are consistently proven to more dramatically impact long-term student performance than anything else.
 (there are two causes for our failure)

...The first is the home environment. When a child does not have a nurturing parent or guardian with basic parenting skills, their chances of success drop dramatically.
 (parents are to blame - parents are idiots)

...The second factor is learning adequate reading skills in a timely manner.
 (children are to blame - children cannot even read)

...So what does all this mean in terms of education policy? It means shifting our focus from gimmicks and remediation programs to supporting strong education values in our homes.
 (children are failures, state will now instruct the parents)
...Much more energy and imagination need to be invested in engaging hard to reach parents in their child's education, and we need to instill this desire in parents as early as possible.
 (education police will be contacting all parents)

...The required parenting skills are surprisingly straightforward. It does not take a trained teacher or college graduate.
 (mandatory, and easy too)

...A new community organization called the Children's Reading Foundation of Doña Ana County is committed to tackling both of these tasks. Partnering with community health organizations, churches, day care facilities, employers, libraries, NMSU and local school districts, the foundation is dedicated to reaching out to parents from birth through the third grade to provide the information and support they need to help their children read and succeed. The core message is "Read to your child 20 minutes a day".
 (we will administer the program, we will be the middlemann between the state and the parents) ARE WE A PPP? http://sites.google.com/site/erikhawkes/Home/ppp
...Children who read succeed in school. Children who succeed in school stay out of trouble and learn skills to succeed in a career. Skilled workers attract well paying businesses. Safe and prosperous, a community that reads succeeds. Whether you donate time or money, please support the Children's Reading Foundation, or any of the 40 literacy initiatives we will coordinate with in Doña Ana County.
 (state instruction is not just for children anymore)

Steve Fischmann is a state senator representing District 37 and is a board member of the Children's Reading Foundation.


Children's Reading Foundation


Local Children's Reading Foundations are self-sustaining non-profits (501-c-3), generally operating as a public-private partnership with school district dues, grants and community donations. The Board and/or executive director facilitates local contributions (monetary and in-kind) and partnerships to implement selected programs. Volunteers are invaluable!