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My name is Erik Archbold, and I'm originally from northern California. For many years, I've been a practitioner of A Course in Miracles, which is a profound spiritual path that's all about exposing the ego's tricks, practicing true forgiveness, and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to remember God's Love. In 2009, I was inspired by my friend and teacher David Hoffmeister to leave behind my career (which happened to be in hypnotherapy) and become a "traveling minstrel"; to go where Spirit guides me and share my experiences through music and stories. Since then, my life has felt like a continually mind-opening adventure for which I am so grateful! With no home, no job nor career and very few possessions, I simply travel where I feel Called, and place all trust in Spirit to provide the means. Through this practice of inner trust, following my heart, and true forgiveness, my experience has become one of increasing closeness with God, and with everyone I meet. Fear is dissolving, and only Love remains.

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Thank you for visiting me here! We are all in the same boat, awakening from this dream together, and no one is "higher" or "lower" than another. I look forward to meeting you along the "journey that never was"!

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