Survey Results



Brazil and Argentina Scrapbook Project

  1. Have you exchanged messages in English with students from other countries before?

YES  (0 answers)                                      NO  (13 answers)

  1. Have you worked with international collaborative projects before?

YES  (0 answers)                                     NO  (13 answers)

  1. What was your favorite part of the project?
  • Writing and reading messages in the blog  (2 answers)
  • Personalizing your page  (10 answers)

 (There’s a new student in the class who didn’t participate in either of the activities)


  1. If you have a chance to participate in another international project, which country would you like to interact with?

Germany (2), Mexico (2), Australia, France (4), Italy (4), Portugal, England, the U.S.A.



  1. In what ways have you changed after this project? What have you learned from it?


I learned to share with my schoolmates

I learned how nice it is to participate in international projects

I learned about the culture of other people and countries

I understood English a bit more.

I liked to meet people from another country.

I learned many new words and phrases

I learned to read and write better than before

I have a better relation with my classmates.

  1. Would you like to participate in an international project again?

YES  (12)                                     NO  (1)