2017 Registration Information

Returning Player Registration (participation code required): May 1 - May 31
Open Registration: June 1 - June 30
Late Registration: Starts July 1, closes mid to late July depending on registrations.

Total Cost = $220:  Registration fee of $155 + $65 jerseys fee  (check or credit card)  See Announcements page for more details. 

Late Registration: $255 total   (credit card only)  Includes registration fees, jerseys, and late fee.
If paying by check, please mail your check within 1 week of registering.  All checks must be received by July 11th,  otherwise you will be assessed the late fee.

To Register - Please read the following and select the registration link at the bottom of this page.
Online Registration is mandatory for all players.
What you need to know about registration:
1) Game Jerseys: Included in the total cost of registration, for more information see the Announcements page.
2) Registrations are taken in the order they are received. However, returning players are given priority for registration until open registration ends. At all times, kids from Erie are given priority over those not within Erie's CCMFL boundaries.  We do NOT accept requests for coaches or playing on a friends team.  

3) EYFL Parent Consent and Release form must be agreed to via registration prior to their child(ren) participating in ANY EYFL activity.  
4) U7 players: If we have enough players for a U7 team, we will form a U7 team.  If we do not have enough players for a U7 team, parents will be given the option to let their child(ren) play at the U8 level. If the parent does not agree to let their child(ren) play at the U8 level they will be given a refund.

5) The EYFL has team minimums and maximums (quantity of players).  If the maximum team size is reached, there may be a waitlist implemented until enough players register to form another team. We will do our best to enable every kid to play football. Returning players are given priority until the end of Open Registration (usually June 30th). For waiting list purposes, it is first come first served with returning players getting priority.  Players that are registered may be put on the waiting list depending on the number of registrations and the order of registration and whether or not they are a returning player.

6) The EYFL competes against other North Denver metro teams in the CCMFL (Coal Creek Midget Football League).  This is a competitive league with a playoff system. Teams are formed based upon their age, not grade.  Players are placed with the same team they were on the previous year as per CCMFL policies, with the exception of U7's that played up at U8 the previous year.  Teams are placed in divisions based upon their record from the previous year (except U7 & U8 divisions). Once teams are set at the younger age groups, the Coal Creek Midget Football League limits our ability to move players from one team to another.

7) EYFL Chapter Boundaries:  The CCMFL has strict chapter boundaries.  Erie Youth Football is only allowed to register kids from within its boundaries. If you are not sure you are within Erie's football boundaries, contact a board member to find out.

8) Refunds: There are NO REFUNDS. The exceptions are: a) For players that are waitlisted and the Erie Youth Football League is unable to place the player(s) on a team. b) For U7 players if there are not enough U7 players to form a team and their parents do not want their child(ren) to play at the U8 level. c) If a player is not medically fit to play football and this is identified and reported to the EYFL prior to the first practice.

9) Parent(s) and player(s) in the EYFL must agree to abide by the EYFL Code of Conduct.

10) Parent(s) and player(s) must agree that they will abide by the rules set forth by the Coal Creek Midget Football League (CCMFL).  These rules can also be found on the Forms Page.

11) New incoming players will play their grade if their age puts them at a lower age group. Adjustments can be made at the discretion of the board.

12) A check for $150.00 will be required at equipment checkout.  This check will be held on deposit and not cashed unless the players EYFL equipment is not returned by the designated date that can be found on the Calendar Page. 

13) The fee for Non-sufficient funds (NSF) is $25.00 for checks. The fee for ACH (Automated Clearing House) is $50.00 (insufficinet debit/credit funds).  If paying by check please mail the check within 1 week of registration. Otherwise it may be necessary to unregister the participant(s). Mailing Address: PO Box 1423, Erie, CO  80516.

14) Please remember that Erie Youth Football is run completely by volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer for something with your team, contact your head coach. If you would like to volunteer for something at the EYFL level, contact a board member.  We are always looking for volunteers. 

To Register please select this LINK      (This link will take you to our provider SportsSignUp for on-line registration.)
*** Please note:  The email address you use in the registration tool is the email address we use for sending out league wide information such as important dates and updates.

- Practices start the week of August 3rd. 
- Check the Calendar and/or Announcement page for key EYFL dates.