eric vu is floating above clouds...
October 13, 2009: today october the 13th, 4 days from friday at the 40th minute of the 10 o'clock of the morning, this site is alive with the following period as its last mark.
November 13, 2009: so i randomly thought of this site again today since i last visited it and updated it...and it just so happens to be the 13th of november; weird! what is more? it is friday the 13th and that is just even more weird. lunch with broseph was good. as usual and with any good friend, not enough time to cover everything, although we did concede that sushi at guitar center's center was decent and we can return.
March 29, 2011: and it has been so so long long since this visit. today i acquired a new domain, with a new idea for such. off my portfolio of domains, non have materialized with the exception of the business one. which was at one point in its history was operational to its intent - informative. next step to do here is to set this up as if it is a blog or message board. by doing so, contents and page will constantly evolved without my involvment. although i will have to give it a good push initially. but as momentum builds, and that is a truly hopeful, i should be able to remove the "training wheels" of the site. so why here? ahhh, maybe not here. but rather one of the new domains within the portfolio. this one, just something i had to do, for its namesake. i'm out for now, it is taco tuesday. hopefully it won't be another near year for my next visit.

city of site birth: irvine, ca