Magnum Chess is a Universal Chess Interface chess engine written in Java.  Magnum currently plays in several computer chess leagues and tournaments. 
Magnum Chess supports many state of the art algorithms including:
  • Magic hashed bitboard move generation
  • Depth priority and replace always Ken Thompson style transposition table
  • Adaptive null move pruning
  • Heinz's AEL pruning
  • PVS/Negascout main search algorithm with quiescence search
  • Least valuable attacker/Most valued victim move ordering aided by a static exchange evaluator
Magnum Chess is open source and hosted on Google Code.

Magnum Chess recently competed in the ChessWar XV division F.  This is Magnum Chess's first tournament.  Magnum scored 7.5/11 and placed 6th out of 80 competitors.  Due to this strong performance Magnum Chess will be playing in ChessWar XV division E starting in December 2009.