Developed numerous solutions for my clients - see following list - that enabled them to control costs, improve efficiencies, better understand their business processes, and allowed for a wide range of reports to be generated efficiently and accurately.

Developed complex solutions that interfaced with ERP systems. Also created detailed workflows with various levels of approval and routing.

Regional Municipality of York

Created a "Staff Profiler System" that enabled York Region to effectively manage and budget company headcount. The information from this application allowed the creation of organizational charts and reports in a quick and efficient manner.
Developed and implemented the "Inventory and Program Tracker" application, for Health Services, to ensure all Health Inspectors had the proper equipment and protection gear. This solution also tracked service and warranty contracts plus all inventory costs incurred
With the "Contract Management" application, multiple Excel spreadsheets were consolidated to one comprehensive database improving the way third party contracts were handled. This allowed payment history, payment due dates, contract terms to be better tracked significantly reducing the costs from overpayments and missed payments.

Intier - Division of Magna International

Conducted a companywide analysis of all documents and workflows. This analysis determined how many documents needed to be electronic and which documents were obsolete or redundant. Specific business processeswere identified that required manager approvals and the appropriate workflows were put in place allowing efficiency to dramatically improve. Worked with auditors to ensure electronic documents met the Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.
Overhauled the way supplier performance was being monitor by creating a centralized database. This allowed for easier tracking of the many elements by which the suppliers were measured. Supplier performance dramatically improved resulting in substantial cost savings.
Improved the way Intier responded to quality concerns from their customers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler). The manual handling of Customer Concerns was upgraded to a network solution allowing Inteir to respond to quality issues in a timely manner. Quality issues declined and so did the cost of penalties imposed by their customers.

Ontario Provincial Police

Automated the "Daily Officers' Duty Report" in each of the 100 detachments. The data from each site was updated to a centralized database. Data provided the ability to evaluate manpower and training, and to better understand the types and frequency of infractions occurring. This enabled the OPP to determine the appropriate actions and budget required to reduce infractions. The required reports to government agencies could now be created in a timely manner.
Improved the "Officer Complaint" process which tracks complaints against OPP officers made by the public. Designed a better methodology to handle the Complaint Intake form, Witness Statements, and court documents. The report generator provide a tool by which to analyze type of complaints, result of court cases, outstanding issues, and a variety of other critical and time sensitive information.

Other Clients

ArceloMittal (Downtime and Scrap Reports, Operating Equipment Efficiency)
Showa Canada (Quality Control, Human Resources, Departmental Budgeting)
Uptick Apparel (Order Entry solution)
The Promotional Specialists (web design)
Town of Markham (web design)
Teknion Furniture (Damaged Return Approval, Purchase Orders)