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Services I have built

Hosted services I built before joining Google (and which were generally the first of their kind):

  • 1992: Business E-mail - Founded Interliant (see photo album and its history) which is considered one of the earliest ASPs.  It had an $80M IPO in 1999 and the core business is still running 15+ years later as part of NaviSite
  • 1997: Consumer & Business 3rd party app hosting - jointly developed from large investments by IBM/Lotus and later Microsoft
  • 2000/1: Business VoIP PBX & File Services - Libritas used these services to drastically improve revenue per subscriber and it is now owned by Covad
Some example services I managed at Google:
  • 2003+: The Google Accounts system is our login/identity system that is used by hundreds of millions of users and integrated with all Google's personalized services.
  • 2003: orkut.com (Google's social network) - For American's who think MySpace/Facebook rule the world, seeWikipedia for more on orkut :-)  Or if you are more financially oriented, look at the impact of orkut.com on Google's market share in websearch/ads in the countries that orkut.com targets.
  • 2006: Google Apps for your Domain - I started this based on my experience founding Interliant
  • 2006: Google Health - This service was launched May 19th 2008.  Even before the launch, Google had publiclyblogged about it and discussed it at trade conferences.  I started the project in 2006 based on some work I did previous to Google, as well as based on discussions with my father.  It took me 4 years to find a security/authentication model to enable users to aggregate and share their health data with other sites.  I spent much of 2007 educating the health community about this model (such as in the Connecting for Health Framework) and it has been widely accepted (as well as defining a version of the CCR medical data standard that Google Health would support).  A number of projects within Google are now using things we learned from this project in other applications outside health.  The project has also been a fun source over the years of early glimpsesgossip, rumorspartnerspatentspre-announcementsprivacy discussions, etc.)
  • 2007+: OAuth - This is an open source version of the auth mechanism that we used for Google Health.  Other companies have developed similar delegated auth mechanisms and these techniques are enabling entire new classes of applications.  See the Google OAuth site which has lots of resources for developers working on the OAuth standard.
  • 2007+:  Open Social - Extends the social network concept with a common programming model.  My focus has been on the security/authentication / authorization issues.
  • 2008 +: Caja - A next-generation Javascript sanitizer/sandbox technology to allow websites to more safely hosted JavaScript code written by 3rd party developers.  This technology has also been used in the Yahoo Open Strategy (Y!OS) launch.
  • 2008+: Security standards work (OpenID, OAuth, SAML, stronger auth, ...) with a focus on usability issues.  See the Google OAuth site for more info.
  • 2009: Product counterpart to Google's CIO - Aggressive migration of Google's IT systems to cloud computing as a way to dogfood those offerings, and help them evolve to better meet enterprise requirements.
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