Best Performance Guidelines



The educational goals for my visit are: 

1. Students experience the joy of interactive literacy and music
2. Students have a shared community experience.
3. Students learn how to engage and behave during a cultural arts performance.

Teamwork and Partnership: 

To accomplish these educational goals we need to establish a partnership between the performer (Mr. Eric) and the teachers. The performance is simply much better when we work as a team. 

Before the Program: 

1. Read, listen to or watch a Pete the Cat book with your class. Discuss the book with your class.
        Free download of the books are found at:
        Youtube video of live performance is found at: .  
2. Listen to one of Mr. Eric songs. Dance, sing and enjoy!
        All The Learning Groove songs are found on!songs-and-activities/c129x
3. Ask these questions and discuss with your class: What is an author? What do they do? Who wants to be an author? 

During the Program: Guide for Teachers

1. Have fun and enjoy the presentation.
2. Sit near your students and actively observe them.
3. Do not bring any paperwork. This directly contradicts the three educational objectives we are trying to achieve.
4. Do not talk during the performance. This directly contradicts the three educational objectives we are trying to achieve. 

After the Performance: 

1. Engage in lesson plans using Pete the Cat. You can make them up or find them on the internet. Many lessons can be found on websites such as  Here are just a few examples: 
        Discipline Answers:,
2. Utilize interactive music in your classroom. Music can be found on 
3. Engage in writing activities in which the children are authors. 

Just for Teachers: 

I am a former classroom teacher and now focus on creating and sharing interactive literacy and music.  I am passionate about education and give keynotes across the country on interactive literacy and music in the classroom. In my performances I will model interactive techniques you can use in your classroom. I hope to demonstrate how they benefit student engagement and classroom management. This leads to greater student achievement. 

Thank You: 

Thank you for the important work you do. Teachers ROCK!