Eric C. Nuse and Associates

Eric C. Nuse and Associates brings a wide range of services to their clients including: expert testimony on hunting-related shooting incidents, hunter education instructor training, custom designed hunter and trapper manuals and instruction, Ethics in Action seminars, hunter skills training, public speaking and hunter education program reviews.

New book, Vermont Wild, written by Megan Price chronicles my adventures and misadventures as a Game Warden.


  • Consultancy  for Natural Resource Agencies, Hunter Education Divisions, Wildlife Law Enforcement, States Attorneys, and Hunting/Trapping Non-Profit Organizations 
  • Writer and trainer focusing on conservation, hunter safety, ethics and fair chase hunting issues
  • Expert witness and consultant for hunting-related shootings that result in injury (sometimes incorrectly referred to as hunting accidents), hunter education and firearms safety issues in the Vermont and New England area.