I am Associate Professor at HEC Paris and a Research Affiliate at CEPR.

On this website, you may find my research papers.


Email: mengus"at"hec.fr

Twitter: @EricMengus

What's new?

  • New working paper on "Time-Consistent Implementation in Macroeconomic Games" with Jean Barthélemy (Banque de France) - CEPR Discussion Paper

  • New working paper on "The Central Bank, the Treasury, or the Market: Which One Determines the Price Level?" with Jean Barthélemy (Banque de France) and Guillaume Plantin (SciencesPo) - CEPR Discussion Paper

  • New version (April 2021) of "What matters in households' expectations?" with Philippe Andrade (Boston Fed) and Erwan Gautier (Banque de France) - CEPR discussion paper

  • A VoxEU (july 2020) with Philippe Andrade and Erwan Gautier on our paper on households' expectations: VoxEU

  • A VoxEu (april 2020) with Donald R. Davis and Tomasz K. Michalski on our work on labor market polarization and cities : VoxEU.

  • New working paper (April 2020): "Labor Market Polarization and the Great Divergence: Theory and Evidence" with Donald R. Davis (Columbia and NBER) and Tomasz Michalski (HEC Paris) - NBER working paper

  • Prize "Jeune Chercheur" from Fondation Banque de France (november 2019) - Prize announcement