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Archaeology Lesson Plan

Lesson is in draft mode, will be completed and ready to publish in summer 2016. Please let me know if you would like to know when it is finished or if you would like to try the draft in your classroom - E-mail me

Designed to be flexible - could be a one class period activity or a three day activity (45 minute periods)

1 - Tools of Archaeology

  • Students will learn about stratigraphy, creating a grid system, recording soil color and content. These activities will focus on the basic scientific tools.

2 - Using Data to Evaluate the Mount Vernon Slave Cemetery

  • Students will use primary resources, eye witness accounts, maps, results of ground penetrating radar and recent findings from the archaeological site. Activities will focus on evaluating existing data and evidence.

3 - Historical Mysteries of the Mount Vernon Slave Cemetery

  • Students will use their experience from the activities in the previous activity to solve some of the ongoing mysteries related to the slave cemetery.  

Examples from some of the pages of the lesson plan (draft form):