Canada History Magazine - Fall 2009

USA Today - November 14, 2006

School Library Journal, June 2009

Educational Leadership - May 2007

Eric has written articles for a variety of educational publications over the years including School Library Journal, Educational Leadership, School & Community and Canada History Magazine.

The work Eric and his students have done in the classroom has been featured in USA Today newspaper, Edutopia, American School Board magazine and the Harvard Education Newsletter.

Articles and Published Work Written by Eric

"Sparking Learning" by Eric Langhorst - Fall 2009 - Teaching Canada's History from the Canada's History Society - Special Educational Issue of The Beaver - Canada's History Magazine, starting on page 30also available in French

"Taking Climate Change Personally" by Eric Langhorst - September 24, 2009 - Smithsonian Education Conference Blog

"Native American History Man" by Eric Langhorst - June 2009 - Cable in the Classroom magazine

"We Shall Remain : Teaching Native American Culture Within American History" by Eric Langhorst - April 2009 - PBS Media Infusion Guest Blogger

"Technology, Teaching, and Learning" by Eric Langhorst - Opening Chapter Vignette, Chapter 12 - Teaching in America, 5th Edition Textbook by George S. Morrison, Pearson Education, 2009

"Fab Web Sites on the 2008 Presidential Election" by Eric Langhorst - September 2008 School Library Journal magazine

"From PowerPoint to Podcasts : Integrating Technology in the Social Studies" by Eric Langhorst and Christy Keeler - Spring 2008 - Social Studies Research and Practice

"Golden Oldies: Using Digital Recording to Capture History" by Eric Langhorst - March 2008 - School Library Journal magazine

"Putting the Story in History" by Eric Langhorst - November 2007 - PBS Media Infusion Guest Blogger

"After the Bell, Beyond the Classroom" by Eric Langhorst - May 2007 - Educational Leadership magazine from ASCD

"My Top Ten Video List" by Eric Langhorst - Spring 2007 - The Idea Book for Educators magazine by A&E and the History Channel

"History With A Twist : Lights, Camera, Learning" by Eric Langhorst - January 2007 - Discovery Education magazine

"The Dixie Clicks : How A Blog About the Civil War Turned into a Runaway Hit" by Eric Langhorst - December 2006 School Library Journal

Articles about Eric

"Resources Are Changing the Classroom" by Katrina Schwartz - July 11, 2016 - Mind/Shift KQED News

"Happy Brithday Abe : Online and Cable Resources to Help Your Students Celebrate Lincoln's Bicentenial" by Keri Callahan - February 2009 - Cable in the Classroom magazine

"Meet the Missouri Teacher of the Year" by Sandy Watts - Winter 2008 - School and Community - Missouri State Teachers Association magazine

"Giving It All Away : Collaborating and Participating : Blogs, Wikis, and Other Tools You Can Use" by Anne Ward - September 2008 - American School Board Journal magazine

"Microsoft Case Study - Zune MP3 Players in the Classroom" - August 26, 2008 - Microsoft

"Leading the Way : Four Educational Visionaries Share How They Evolved into Successful Leaders" by Laura Linn - June 2008 - Cable in the Classroom magazine

"Learning Through Local Connections" by Lauren Capolupo - April 2008 - Cable in the Classroom magazine

"Listen and Learn" by Michael Fickes - April 2008 - School Planning and Managment magazine

"Technology in Education" - September 2007 - The Socket Connection Newsletter

"Blogging is History : Taking Classroom Discussions Online" by Helena Echlin - July 2007 - Edutopia online magazine

"Liberty Teacher Creates Studycasts for Students" by Donna Pitman - June 8, 2007 - KMBC-TV

"Better Teaching with Web Tools : How Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts are Changing the Classroom" by Colleen Gillard - May/June 2007 Harvard Education Letter

"Get an earful of offbeat podcasts" by Marie Puente - March 16, 2007 - USA Today newspaper

"Promising Practices in Using the Internet to Teach Social Studies" by C. Fredrick Risinger - November / December 2006 - Social Education

"Web Tools Cast a Wide Net" by Terri Payne Butler - November 2006 - Cable in the Classroom magazine

"Blogging Now Begins Young" by Ashley Bleimes - November 14, 2006 - USA Today newspaper

"An Education World Teacher Spotlight : Eric Langhorst" by Cara Bafile - September 8, 2006 - Education World site

"Outlaw Educators : Taking Education Outside The Box" by Grace Rubenstein - July 2006 - Edutopia magazine

"History Teacher 2.0 - Eric Langhorst illuminates the past with podcasts, blogs, and yes, even books" by Kathy Ishizuka - April 2006 - School Library Journal magazine

"Podcasts Bring 24/7 Teachers" by Linda Man - March 20, 2006 - Kansas City Star magazine and AP wire