Donna Erickson's Homepage


About Donna Erickson:  

I  am a retired professor from Showa Music University in Kawasaki, Japan, an adjunct professor at Kanazawa Medical University,   a member of Soliphic at Sophia University,  a research member of the Institute of Cultural and Linguistic Studies at Keio University, and a Research Affliate at Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, Connecticut.


I live in Yokohama with my husband and son, and I have a son and daughter-in-law, and a daughter and son-in-law in the United States.


My hobbies are bike riding (road bikes), telemark skiing, and singing.


My research interests are about speech prosody—intonation, rhythm and emotion--from the viewpoint of acoustics and articulation.


I am also interested in how language, culture and gender affect the acoustics and articulation of emotional speech. My recent findings suggest there are some interesting differences in the expression and perception of emotion due to language, culture and gender.


In addition, I am looking at “motherese”—how do the voices of people (mothers, fathers, non-mothers, non-fathers) change when they talk to infants, and to what extent is this “motherese” influenced by language, culture, gender, and experience.


My goal is to discover (a) what acoustic and articulatory changes occur when we become emotional, and (b) why do these changes happen? Currently, I am focusing on laughter and crying in speech.