I am an assistant professor in the economics department at Middlebury College.  I am primarily a development economist.  My research interests include economic development, HIV/AIDS, health, and worker motivations. 

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Publications (Including Forthcoming):
"Motivating Agents: How Much Does the Mission Matter?" (August 2013) with Jeff Carpenter, [Accepted] Journal of Labor Economics. 

Income Shocks and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa (April 2013) with Marshall Burke and Kelly Jones, [Forthcoming, The Economic Journal]

"The Heterogeneous Effects of HIV Testing"  with Sarah Baird, Craig McIntosh, and Berk Ozler in Journal of Health Economics, Sept 2014, Vol (37): 98-112. 
Summaries of this paper can be found at J-PAL and STM digest.  

“Incentivising safe sex: a randomised trial of conditional cash transfers for HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention in rural Tanzania.” Damien de Walque, William H Dow,  Rose Nathan, Ramadhani Abdul, Faraji Abilahi, Erick Gong, Zachary Isdahl, Julian Jamison, Boniphace Jullu, Suneeta Krishnan, Albert Majura, Edward Miguel, Jeanne Moncada, Sally Mtenga, Mathew Alexander Mwanyangala, Laura Packel, Julius Schachter,  Kizito Shirima, Carol A Medlin in BMJ Open, February 8, 2012, Vol (2). 

“Was the Wealth of Nations Determined in 1000 B.C.?” with Diego Comin and William Easterly in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, July 2010, Vol (2): 65-97. 

My Working Papers: 
"Rewarding Safer Sex: Conditional Cash Transfers for HIV/STI Prevention" Damien de Walque, William H Dow,  Rose Nathan, Ramadhani Abdul, Faraji Abilahi, Mathew Alexander Mwanyangala, Boniphace Jullu, Albert Majura, Sally Mtenga, Yovitha Sedekia, Kizito Shirima, Manuel Barron, Erick Gong, Zachary Isdahl, Edward Miguel, Laura Packel, Carol A Medlin, Suneeta Krishnan, Julian Jamison, Jeanne Moncada, Julius Schachter, World Bank Policy Research Paper 7099

"Coping with Risk: The Effects of Shocks on Reproductive Health and Transactional Sex in Rural Tanzania" with Damien de Walque and William Dow, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6751. 

Econ 210(A,B,C) "Economic Statistics"
Econ 328 "Economics of Global Health"
Econ 425A: "Seminar on Economic Development"
Econ 425B "Seminar on Economic Development"

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"Economists have experiments figured our. What's next? (Hint: It's Measurement)", by Berk Ozler, Development Impact (World Bank) (Jan 2013)
The Flintstone Effect, Tracing Wealth back to the Stone Age,” by Joel Waldfogel, Slate Magazine (Nov 2006)
“Was Today’s Poverty Determined in 1000 B.C.?,” by Catherine Rampbell, Economix, New York Times (Aug 2010)
Reinventing the Wheel,” by Bill Easterly, Foreign Policy (November 2010)