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Address       University of California, Berkeley
                     Department of Economics
                     530 Evans #3880
                     Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at UC Berkeley. 

My research interests are in Econometrics and Network Economics.

I will be available for interviews at the AEA/ASSA Annual Meeting in Chicago (January 6-8, 2017)

Job Market Paper 

I study a regression model in which one covariate is an unknown function of a latent driver of link formation in a network. Rather than specify and fit a parametric network formation model, I introduce a new method based on matching pairs of agents with similar columns of the squared adjacency matrix, the ijth entry of which contains the number of other agents linked to both agents i and j. The intuition behind this approach is that for a large class of network formation models the columns of this matrix characterize all of the identifiable information about individual linking behavior. In the paper, I first describe the model and formalize this intuition. I then introduce estimators for the parameters of the regression model and characterize their large sample properties. 

Work in Progress