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Part of my teaching philosophy is to be an advocate for all children, especially for those who struggle. The most rewarding part of educating a child is witnesseing their growth as learners. I strive to help students that find it difficult to learn. I gear my planning towards reaching children that have difficulty reading because of a language barrier or a specific learning difference or disability. I challenge my students to work at being the best they can be and to improve themsleves.

I promote and support the interests of my students. I let the students drive their learning when appropriate. I encourage them to learn about what interests them and I draw on their experiences to support the content.

Click on the links below to read my essays on assessment, the education of children with special needs, and education in gender specific classrooms.




Getting good grades is not the most important in my classroom, but doing good work is. My grading system is built on student growth, development, and success. I assess their understandings and skill development. Triangulated assessment is a technique I use to measure a student's skill development and acheivement of learning goals.


The following lessons reinforce my commintment to the equitable treatment of all students.