Wooden Boat Repair & Construction. Marine carpentry. Refinishing. Brightwork. (Seattle and Puget Sound)
Eric Hvalsoe is a veteran Pacific Northwest boatwright and small craft designer.

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Annual maintenance

Interior joinery

Finish work
paint & varnish

Spar repair & construction

Engine installation & alignment

Off-site service

The Hvalsoe Method:
Careful planning of maintenance is the first step.

Eric Hvalsoe caters to knowledgeable boat owners who “take the long view” in the repair and care of a wooden boat.

While patchwork repairs might get you quickly back into the water, it is better to consider what will provide longevity and stability to your boat.  Clients of Hvalsoe Boats are often pleased to learn that through careful planning many important repairs may be staggered between boating seasons.

Shop visits encouraged

Wooden boat repair generally works best as a collaborative effort between the boatwright and client, who work together to lengthen the life and enjoyment of a vessel. Every effort is made to keep you aware of the progress on your boat. We use e-mails reports (often with digital photos of recent progress), as well as detailed invoices.  Eric Hvalsoe also encourages scheduled shop visits and consultations with each boat’s owner. 

About the shop

Hvalsoe Boats is located in the city of Shoreline, Wash., near Puget Sound among the northern suburbs of Seattle. 

The shop has two indoor bays with a rear machinery and workbench area. The length capacity of the main indoor work bay is approximately 32 feet.  Boat trailers must be less than 8 1/2 feet wide to clear the double shop doors.

Visits by appointment only.