Small Boat Plans for the Homebuilder of Wooden Boats. Lapstrake. (Seattle and Puget Sound)
Eric Hvalsoe is a veteran Pacific Northwest boatwright and small craft designer.

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 Hvalsoe 13

Hvalsoe 16

“A full-bodied lapstrake skiff with a sprit rig and heart shape transom to die for.”
- WoodenBoat, #202

Hvalsoe's Powerboats

Little Miss Canada IV   (photo by Marty Loken)

For some readers of  Wooden Boat Magazine, and aficionados of classic mahogany speedboats, the Hvalsoe name is closely associated with two extraordinary craft – Little Miss Canada IV and Aurora.  

Aurora (below)

Eric Hvalsoe's Anti-Assembly Line Wooden Boats

Craft commissioned at Hvalsoe Boats are handmade, using a combination of traditional and modern designs and construction methods.

Over the span of nearly 30 years, Eric Hvalsoe has built wooden boats ranging in size from  8 foot

Norwegian rowing prams to Aurora, a 22 foot Hacker powerboat capable of speeds greater than 60 mph. He is an expert in multiple construction methods, including traditional plank on frame, cold-molded, and marine plywood. Hvalsoe also offers a wide range of tenders for motoryachts and sailboats.

Hvalsoe has also built a wide variety of small wooden boats of Northwest and West Coat design, including the Davis Boat (a notable Alaskan design),  The Acme Skiff, the Lake Oswego Boat, Lawley tenders, sliding seat wherries, Whitehall variations, drift boats and plywood skiffs.

Hvalsoe 13 / Hvalsoe 16

Hvalsoe is perhaps best known for his own designs, the Hvalsoe 13, and the Hvalsoe 16. Both are true Pacific Northwest

designs that row and sail superbly.  A new 13 or 16 can be built on commission at the Hvalsoe shop.  

More about Hvalsoe 13 & 16




(Above photos by Tom Becker. Photo below by Marty Loken.)

Left, Hvalsoe 13 under sail with sprit rig.