Wooden Boat Repair & Construction. Marine carpentry. (Seattle and Puget Sound)
Eric Hvalsoe is a veteran Pacific Northwest boatwright and small craft designer.

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Building and restoring lovely wooden boats since 1981.

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Shop & Facilities

Conveniently located in Shoreline, WA.

Covered work space.

Two indoor bays complete with shop equipment. 

Off-site service available.

Small Boat Plans

Hvalsoe 13

Hvalsoe 16


Notes from the Boat Shop

Hvalsoe 16 Plans Available

Boat plans are available for small lapstrake wooden row and sail craft designed by Eric Hvalsoe, including the HV 16 and the HV 13. 

These boats are an excellent choice for the ambitious homebuilder. Plans include sheets for lines, offsets, general construction, sail plan, and construction details with materials list. Some lofting is recommended. 

To order, email  hvalsoboat@msn.com. Plans are $130, plus postage. Read more about these boats here.   

         Greetings from Barkley Sound

HV 16 in Barkley Sound

We had a great trip in July to the Broken Island Group in Barkley Sound, BC. We saw both gray and humpback whales. Above, you can see "Bandwagon," my HV16, on a clothesline mooring. We can't wait to go back.  

Recently Completed Topsides Restoration

The Douglas Fir topsides of this lovely Kutter class sloop had large areas of peeling varnish and severe water damage. But we were able to bring her back beautifully with careful sanding and fairing.

Recent restoration ... Century Resorter

Century Resorter

Century Resorter in shop

A bit of sailing fun

A person can see all sorts of lovely scenery from within a Hvalsoe 16.

Scenes from the Boat Shop:
Steaming in Floorboards

HV 16 featured in WoodenBoat magazine’s
'Small Boats 2009'

New Build Completed: Atkin tender "Vintage"
After finish shaping and sealing quarter knees, breasthook and rubrails, I handed Vintage over to the pround new owner, Dave Clemmer, for final varnish and painting. 

Vintage has been a challenging little project, including a relatively complicated backbone, very noticeable tumblehome moving aft and full sections forward, and lot of volume to cover with the prescribed 9 strakes (nine planks each side). 

Here is the main thwart and daggarboard case.  The purpose of the knees is not so much to hold the seat up, as it is to stiffen the top, or 'sheer' of the boat. The knees are notched to recieve the inner gaurd rail, so this whole business is assembled, prefinished and installed in the boat before the inner and outer rails are rivited in place.  In the top corner of the picture you can just see the forward seat, or thwart in boatbuilding nomenclature.  As the mast passes through here, this thwart is reinforced with a mast partner or doubler, and the doubler is carefully morticed into the adjacent stringer, called the seat riser.

In the two pictures above, you first see me boring keel bolts after setting up the molds and much of the backbone.  The second picture illustrates establishing the plank lines with temporary battens, these lines will later be picked off the molds when patterning the Red Cedar planking stock.

We do home cabinetry, too!
Walnut cabinet

Occasionally, it's fun to mix things up a bit. Here's a home entertainment center commissioned by a client. The cabinet is walnut with a solid beveled top. It turned out really well!

A late summer evening at Hvalsoe Boats.