Hamber's Graduation Transition Plan 

Save the documents to your computer.  Send completed 
document(s) to:  

Grade 12 students:  hambergt@vsb.bc.ca 

Grade 11 students:



Personal Health

Career and Life

Community Connections

What is Hamber's Graduation Transition Plan?

Three packages have been created using a resource  created by Kitsilano Secondary School:                         Transitions Plan-Planning for Your Future 

(try www.kitsilano.vsb.bc.ca/transitions/TP.pdf  if clicking doesn't work for you; don't forget to open this document when completing the packages).  The packages were created to meet the learning outcomes as stated in the Ministry's Program Guide and are to be completed by current Grade 10, 11 and 12 students using the given resource.  The packages follow the required areas as set out by the Ministry of Education:    

  • Personal Health:     includes engaging in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity in Grade 10-12.
  •  Career and Life:  develop a  plan in Grade 12 that indicates that students are prepared to successfully transition from secondary school. 
  • Community Connections:  includes participation in at least 30 hours of work experience and/or community service.


Personal Health Package: DUE  Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some students have been granted credit (RM) for the sections in this package by their Planning 10 teacher; check the lists in the main hallway.

Please DO NOT PRINT the packages.  E-mail your completed package to hambergt@vsb.bc.ca.  It will save a lot of paper and it is very difficult to discuss your submitted work if you do not have a copy of it. It will also be much faster to redo work if it is saved on your computer and prove that it was sent in cases where I don't receive it. 

Don't forget to add my e-mail to your contact list.  Over the years, students have not received my confirmation because it went to their junk mail. I will send an e-mail to every student after I have marked it, not before. I cannot confirm receipt of your package. Assume that I have received it.  If you don't receive an e-mail three weeks after the due date, drop by to see if I received it. 

Career and Life:  DUE on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

Community Connections:  DUE on Wednesday, April 9,  2014
** In June, you should see RM on your final report card for GT.  If you do not see RM, this means that you did not graduate.  See Ms. Murray before the school year ends to see what is expected of you. 

Work on organizing/documenting the 30 hours of volunteer/work experience required in the Community Connections package (WEX 12A students are not required to submit this package).


Your Planning 10 teacher may ask you to complete the Personal Health package.  If so, the teacher will forward a completion mark to Ms. Murray.  If you are taking online Planning 10, please submit it directly to Ms. Murray in Room 309.

Grade 10, 11 and 12 students: 

DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:  Participation in PE, Fitness, PE Leadership, Recreation or Dance 10, 11 and 12 will fulfill the Graduation Transition requirement of logging 150 minutes a week of daily physical activity (DPA).  However, a student NOT taking a physical activity class at Hamber will be required to record his activities weekly at the Learn Now BC site.  Make sure that the activities are moderate to vigorous.  EG  shoppingor playing an instrument may be a physical activity for K-Grade 9 students, however, it is not moderate to vigorous.

See **http://www.learnnowbc.ca/services/DPALog/  (paste address into Internet Explorer rather than clicking on the link) to start tracking your DPA.

If you are required to log your weekly activities, please see Ms. Murray in Room 309 with your e-mail address.  You will be told when logs need to be updated so that Requirements Met or Requirements Not Met will be reported accurately on the report card.
There is also a final DPA test in June that all students must attend.  Lists will be
e-mailed to you as well as posted outside Room 309.
DPA is part of Graduation Transitions, therefore, in grade 12, all students must meet requirements for DPA.  If you do not, credit for GT will not be given and, consequently, graduation will be delayed until you do meet requirements.   


Although you are not part of the Graduation Program, you are required to complete 30 minutes a day of Daily Physical Activity (DPA).  It is assumed that you are participating in 30 minutes of activity on the days you are in PE 8 or PE 9, however, on the non-PE days, you must take the responsibility to participate in DPA (eg. intramurals, walking/biking to school,  school/community athletic team, etc). 
Therefore, please start a log at the LearnNow site:  http://www.learnnowbc.ca/services/DPALog/ 

You will be required to provide evidence of 30 minutes of DPA to the administration if requested.



Ensure that your name, name of package and student number are included in the SUBJECT line when sending a GT package by e-mail.

A student must successfully complete 100% of all work assigned in the 3 packages (Personal Health, Career and Life, and Community Connections) in order to graduate and earn a RM (requirements met) on your Dogwood transcript.

Please check the lists outside Room 309 to see your progress in GT.  It will be updated monthly.  As well, you can expect an e-mail providing details on whether you earned Requirements Met for all/part of the package.  Add the appropriate e-mail address depending on your grade:  hambergt@vsb.bc.ca or hambergt11@vsb.bc.ca  to your contact list so that the e-mail does not end up in the junk mail folder.

MARKS:  Check the lists outside Room 309 periodically to see your percentage for GT. The percentage will represent the amount of work completed.  See  GTIntegradeCompletionPercentages.rtf.  Requirements met (RM) or Requirements not met (RNM) will be noted on all work that is submitted by e-mail or to Room 309.