OpenDAVFI Project

The OpenDAVFI projet is a fork of the DAVFI project. Little by little (starting around early 2016, see legal aspects below), we will make the resources developped during the project available openly and for free. It has always been a condition for us to produce a free and open AV software, especially because it has been funded partly by the French taxpayer who must have some feedback on how his money has been spent. Moreover, we do not want to betray our involvement in the free software and free knowledge. May a large community arise in order to develop this work further.

At the present time, developments specific to OpenDAVFI have been published (Olivier Ferrand's PhD thesis). Publication related to module 4 has been accepted for publication (Jonathan Dechaux's PhD thesis). Another publication (module 5.2) has been accepted for presentation at the 15th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS) 2016, at the Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany (August 7-8th).

A technical and operational conference will be given in July 2016 in Rennes to present the DAVFI and OpenDAVFI project. Demos and blind testing of the Windows version will be organized right after the talk.

Source code archives should be available as soon as possible (see legal aspects).

Legal aspects: at the present time we still do not know whether we are authorized or not to make DAVFI ressources and hence OpenDAVFI developments publicly available. Our different requests to the DGA did not receive any answer. So as long as we have uncertainty about these legal aspects. it is difficult to announce a precise release date. Anyone skilled in such legal aspects who could help us is more than welcome.