News:  First and second year University of New England students named me as one of "the person[s] who has helped you the most in your college success." The same survey named five of  my students (including two first-semester frosh) as contributing to others' college success.  Thanks Rachel, Sara, Brendan, Kathlene, and James for paying it forward. Congratulations to all the other faculty, staff, and students who shared the honor.
 I am a teacher, writer, researcher, public intellectual, instructional designer, and education consultant.  I'm interested in how the ways we think, work, learn, and play are being shaped by the technological ecosystems within which we live.  Unlike the mistaken pundit who thinks that today's students are the "dumbest generation" because their mobile connections to one another wrap them in a growth-stunting "generational cocoon," I believe they are smart, capable, and interested in the world beyond themselves. Browse these pages to sample my work.