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Computer Recycling Program

EBI Science and Research will accept most donations of computers and computer systems. this is to reduce the risk of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being dumped into landfills.

Please contact us before you ship your computers.

Proper Disposal for Schools/Educational Nonprofits

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Proper Disposal for Schools/Educational Nonprofits

Since title transfers when you receive government property (you are now the owner) we ask that when it is time for you to dispose of your used equipment that you do so in an environmentally friendly manner. The following are a few suggestions for proper disposal:

    1. Be sure that you adhere to your state's laws and guidelines.

    2. Follow EPA Guidelines - Pass it on!

    3. EPA Recycling Electronics and Asset Disposition (READ)

    The READ Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) provides Federal agencies with a dependable method of properly managing electronic inventories, recycling electronic equipment, and disposing of excess or obsolete electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

    They are willing to work with Schools and Educational Non Profits who have received CFL equipment, to properly dispose of this equipment when it is determined that it is not longer needed. For more information contact Oliver Voss via email at: or David Fuller at

Environmentally Friendly Disposal - EDF

Use Environmentally Friendly Disposal (EDF) of your excess computer equipment:

    Does anyone in your school need this equipment?

    Could this equipment benefit the community? - Boys/Girls Club, Church, Scouting, or Elder Care Program.

    If the equipment is broken, can it be refurbished, recycled or repaired?

    What are my options for final disposal? - Proper Solid Waste

    Management Programs through the city, county or state?

    Third party recycler?

EBI Science and Research is a third party recycler