the work

Censory Impulse (Factory School, Heretical Texts, Vol. 4) 

My first full length book...Now Available!


Censory Impulse is a book length excavation of the body (both physical and psychological) disrupted. These poems take their calling from the relationship between the neurological and the political, the digestive and the subjective, the gendered and the cyborg. Kaufman's verse is located somewhere between Oliver Sacks, Donna Haraway, & Chris Hables Gray--only in place of scientific hypotheses we see line breaks, metaphorical projections, and "labyrinth authority."



from INSTANT CLASSIC  (Least Weasel, 2011) 




 from censory impulse (Farfalla Press, November 2008) 





from censory impulse (OMG, March 2008)





from censory impulse (Big Game Books, Fall 2006)










Civiilization Day (Open 24 Hours, Winter 2007)