ERVB Program Information

Printable ER Volleyball player Program Information




Our purpose is to develop each young athlete to her potential as a person, student, athlete and member of the community.  We have a tradition of discipline and commitment. We set high expectations with a foundation of character, integrity, empathy and respect for others. 


To create a championship culture built on trust.


  •  To win a Northwestern Suburban Conference Championship Title 

  •  To win a Section Title.


To have all invested parties actively participating in the growth and development of the program by adhering to the following guidelines.

  • Eligibility

  • Team Selection

  • Practice/Game protocol

  • Playing Time

  • Cell Phone protocol

  • Social Media protocol

  • Communication

  • Contract: Player/Parent/Coaches

  • Sportsmanship



  • MSHSL requires that student athletes make satisfactory progress towards graduation. (GPA 2.0)

  • Athletes are required to turn in one progress report during the season. 

  • Any student athlete not demonstrating adequate progress will require a conference with coach, parent and athlete.

Substance Violations:

Elk River Volleyball will adhere to:

  • Minnesota Law

  • MSHSL policies

  • I.S.D. 728 policies. 



  • Monday through Wednesday of pre-season.

  • All athletes must attend tryouts to be selected for a team. 

  • Athletes will be evaluated on Physical Skills (see tryout information) 

  • Athletes will be evaluated on Volleyball Skills (see tryout information) 

  • Athletes will be evaluated on work ethic and coachability. 

  • Athletes will be selected and placed on a team based on individual ability, position, and development of the program. 

  • Teams will be comprised of athletes in the following grades:

  • Varsity: 9-12 JV: 9-11 B: 9-10 9A/9B: 9th Grade 

  • Team Rosters will consist of a minimum of 9-10 players.

  • 7/8th Grade players may be invited to participate if there are available spots on the roster.


  • The Coaching Staff will individually notify athletes that are released from the program. 

    • Athletes may be released any day of the tryouts.

  • Athletes will be notified of team placement by a sealed envelope on the final try out day. 

  • Athletes may request a meeting with the staff to discuss team selection. 

    • Parents may participate in coach/player meetings.


When you enter the gym doors, you are 110% Volleyball focused! 

  • Attendance is mandatory for all practices, including Saturdays and Holidays.

  • Athletes are expected to be on time for practice. 

  • Athletes must assist in setting up the nets and equipment.

  • Athletes must wear a practice uniform (mandatory practice t-shirt, black spandex)

    • no jewelry

    • court shoes

  • Athletes must bring required materials for practice.(i.e. journal/binder)

  • Athletes are expected to demonstrate effort, a positive attitude and respect for teammates/staff. 

  • The Players Team Coach must be notified in case of an absence: player/parent must CALL. 

    • Do not text or email.

Excused Absence Unexcused Absence

Illness Concerts

Family Events (weddings/funerals) Appointments that can be made

Academic meetings/make ups outside of practice time. (i.e. Drivers Ed)

Religious Events Vacations

College Recruitment

  • Consequence for violation of practice protocols:

    • The Athlete may be sent home with an unexcused absence for violation of the above protocols.

Unexcused Absence

    • First: Benched for match

    • Second: Conference with parent and coach.

    • Third: dismissed from the team.



  • Athletes are to be at a home match at the time designated by your team coach.

  • Any athlete that requires the trainer must take care of her  needs directly after school.

  • Athletes are expected to help with competition set up.

  • Athletes assigned to duties must be there 30 minutes prior to the start of the match.

  • Athletes need to represent the team in a positive, respectful manner.

  • Athletes should support the program by attending all matches.


  • Athletes are to be ready to board the bus 30 minutes prior to the departure time.

  • The bus will leave as scheduled. 

  • Athletes must sit with the team during competition. 


  • Athletes need to represent the team in a positive, respectful manner.


  • The Elk River Volleyball Staff will make decisions regarding playing time based on the athlete’s performance in practice and in match play. 

  • The Elk River Volleyball Staff will  establish line-ups and substitutions in an effort to successfully overcome our opponent and to develop the team/program.

  • Playing time is not guaranteed-it is earned.

  • An Athlete should address the coach with any issues she may have with her role on the team.


  • Cell Phones are NOT to be used in the locker room.  No pictures should be ever taken by an athlete in the locker room area.

  • Cell phones on the bus will be limited to communication with parents.

  • Cell phones will not be allowed on scoring tables, the bench or during team activities.


  • Social Media related to the Elk River High School Volleyball Program should be utilized for the enhancement and promotion of the athletes, coaching staff, and program only.



  • Any athlete that is in violation of MSHSL rules will work directly with the Athletic Director and Team Coach to determine the appropriate consequences.

  • Any athlete that is in violation of the expectations outlined in the contract/or guidelines:

    • First Incident: Verbal warning and loss of 1 set

    • Second Incident: meeting with parents and loss of 1 match

    • Third Incident: suspension from the team.

    • If the violation is considered severe and warrants a greater consequence than outlined, the athlete and parent will meet with the Team Coach, Head Coach and the Athletic Director to determine the appropriate course of action.


We are all representatives of the Elk River High School Volleyball Team, Elk River High School, and the Elk River community.    It is expected that we will represent all with great pride,