ERVB Contract

ER_Volleyball_F.jpg Player,Parent & Coach Contract

Consistency breeds trust, trust breeds relationships, relationships build loyalty.


  • I will lead through inspiration.

    • I am measured by what the team does as a whole because of what

    • I give to the team.

    • I am team oriented.   

    • I encourage others and recognize their needs.

    • I choose to bring no harm or ill will to the team.

  • I will demonstrate courage.  

    • I am “thrilled” not afraid of the issue of confrontation that competition brings.  

    • I will demonstrate free and unrestricted play with willingness to experiment and try new and more challenging things.

    • I choose to be exceptional—I will not follow the crowd.

  • I will demonstrate persistence.

    • I understand that disappointment and setbacks will occur.

    • I am ready to lead,

    • I am ready to follow, I will never quit.

    • I choose to respond to my mistakes with dignity and pride!

  • I will demonstrate character and integrity.

    • I will serve with honor on and off the court.  

    • I will work through difficult decisions with the team values in mind.  

    • I understand that personal gain is accomplished through hard work and personal effort.

    • I will own my actions.

    • I will choose to be responsible.

  • I will bring my best to the team and the court.  

    • I will bring my talent, knowledge, and positive attitude to the team.

    • I am committed to the team cause which is greater than myself.  

    • I will budget my time so that I can maintain my obligations to my family, my spiritual self, my academics, my community, and my team.  

    • I choose commitment.

Being part of the Elk River Volleyball Program requires sacrifice, discipline, and commitment.  Working to achieve an extraordinary team demands extraordinary effort from all interested parties.  

I understand that if I am a member of the Elk River High School Volleyball Team, I will abide by the expectations outlined in this contract and the rules and guidelines stated in the team handbook.

I may be dismissed from the team for an infraction that does not abide by the contract or guidelines stated in the team handbook.

ATHLETE NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________


 I have read the team handbook and I agree to the following:

  • Make sure my child attends all scheduled practices, is at practice on time, and is picked up from practice or matches on time.

  • Encourage my child to deal with the coaches directly regarding any issues that may arise during the season.

  • Respectfully communicate with the coaching staff with regard to my child.

  • Be a role model for sportsmanship at matches by making only positive comments about the players, coaches, officials, and treating the opponents and their fans with respect.

PARENT 1 NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________

PARENT 2 NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________



I have read the team handbook and I agree to the following:

  • Professional Preparation

    • Develop a strong philosophy.

    • Be a lifelong student of the game.

    • Come prepared to every practice, competition and volleyball event.

    • Work to build a culture of trust and encouragment.

    • Provide Team Building Activities.

    • Provide clear and consistent expectations.

  • Personally Care for the athletes.

    • Positive Talk

    • Loyalty

    • Listen

    • Encourage

    • Accountable

    • Consistent

  • Purposeful Character

    • High Standards

    • Values

    • Honest

    • Integrity

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