Instructor: Mr. Prnka

Room: D202, C208
Course Schedule 2016-17
Monday(PLC Staff Day)
PLC Staff Only:  7:15-8:00
1st period:   Chemistry 8:15-9:00
2nd period:  
Chemistry 9:06- 9:51 
3rd period:  Prep
Lunch:         10:42-11:27
4th period:  PLTW-CIM 11:33-12:18
5th period:  Chemistry 12:24-1:09
6th period:  Principles of Engineering(PLTW) 1:15-2:00
After-School: FTC Robotics 2:15-4:45 (Mon/Tues/Friday)
1st period:   Chemistry 7:30-8:26
2nd period:  Chemistry 8:32-9:25
3rd period:  Prep 
Lunch:        10:24-11:04
4th period:  PLTW-CIM 11:10-12:03
5th period:  Chemistry 12:09-1:02
6th period:  Principles of Engineering(PLTW) 1:08-2:00
After-School: FTC Robotics 2:15-4:45 (Mon/Tues/Friday)
Need Homework Help?  You've got options. . .
1. Come see me before school.
2. Come see me during lunch.
3. Study with a classmate.
4. Check out some of the tutorial websites and my YouTube Channel.