Eagle Rock Elementary Highly Gifted Magnet is a small Magnet Center on the campus of Eagle Rock Elementary School.  We are an LAUSD Model of Excellence School:  100% of our students have achieved scores at the "advanced" level on the California Standards Test.  ERHG's students reside in many different neighborhoods of Los Angeles:  they are bound together by their exceptional intelligence and ability to think far beyond their similarly aged peers.  Our rigorous program provides a supportive learning environment in which students acquire knowledge and skills, develop a healthy self-image, positive social behaviors, and learn to appreciate and embrace diversity.  Classroom discussions enable students to develop a healthy relationship with their own talents and abilities.  Students are challenged to think creatively, to approach problems from many points of view, to write with meaning and eloquence, to use critical thinking skills in problem solving and to present their findings orally and in writing.  Our students are taught to utilize technological tools and artistic expression to demonstrate mastery of the standards.  Project based assessments and a choice of alternative assessments are combined with conventional tests in order to reach all students at their interest level and to assess their understanding in unique ways.  Respect for other students, our community, and the environment is fostered through discussions, modeling and simulations.  Our goal is to prepare our students to function at their highest levels in Middle School, as lifelong learners and as a future leaders in our community and in the world.
CONTACT US!  2057 Fair Park Ave.
                        Los Angeles, CA 90041
                        Telephone:  323) 254-6851
                        Fax:  323) 344-9720
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