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  An introduction human factors & ergonomics (previously hosted on since 1997) 

 Ergonomics: "The Study of the problems of people in adjusting to their environment; especially the science that seeks to adapt work or working conditions to suit the worker." Also see What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of human performance and its application to the design of technological systems. The goal of this activity is to enhance productivity, safety, convenience and quality of life. Example topics include models and theories of human performance, design and analytical methodology, human-computer interface issues, environmental and work design, and physical and mental workload assessment.


Ergo IntroCheck out my Ergonomic Introduction (this page!)


HFESThe Human Factors & Ergonomics Society's URL is - a core page to have handy.

 For an international flavor of Ergonomics, try The International Ergonomics Association at

  San Jose State University's (SJSU) Human Factors & Ergonomics Program was established a few years ago. For more information about it visit 

  Also try the HCI Index of Research Groups and Companies located at

See the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) at BCPE is a good thing to be aware of - the whole idea of "Certification" is fairly controversial, but happening none the less.

CSERIAC My M.S. advisor from San Jose State University, Tony Andre, has a new site called ErgoWorld at He has a continuing interest in HF, aviation, Graduate Students, and research and is always willing to talk about grad programs. He is known as one who knows a lot about HF/Erg. programs, current research, the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, and company efforts.

The comp.human-factors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) URL has info mostly for newbies at:

Here is a sampling of ergonomics and programs which I put together one afternoon for a webpage class project. It is located at (circa 1996)