The Lecture Notes in this seminar

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Green-Tao's  Theorem

The schema of Green-Tao's theorem, Lectured by Wang Yonghui 

The multiscale analysis of primes

Lectured by Jia Chaohua Notes

Study notes by Wang Yonghui Note-Mscale.pdf  

An ergodic proof of Szemeredi's theorem       

Lectured by Yao Jiayan YaoJY200611-1.pdf  YaoJY2006-12-5.pdf

Study notes by Jia Chaohua   Note-Yao200611.pdf    Note-Yao2006-12-5.pdf

 "Relative Szemer\'edi theorem for Pseudorandom measures" 梁志斌

Gowers norm and Generalized von Neumann Theorem

Lectured by Liu Wenxin LiuWenxin0115.pdf

Prime points in the intersection of two sublattices

Lectured by Liu Chunlei Manuscript

Problems and Results on Restricted Sumsets & Combinatorial aspects of Szemeredi's theorem

Lectured by Sun Zhiwei SunZhiwei-I.pdf       SunZhiwei-II.pdf

Brauer-Manin obstruction for integral points.

Lectured by  Xu Fei XuFei-vietnam.pdf

Relative Szemer\'edi theorem for Pseudorandom measures.

Lectured by Liang Zhibing Notes

  The Notes and Papers in the MathWorld

Here is the landmark papers in this topic, which is the reason for holding this seminar.

Tao's MathPage on the number theory.

Goldston's Mathpage 


More great number theorist's homepage ...


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