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Gobwin Bump Three

Draft Rules - Version 3.3
At the bottom of the page in the Attachments section are some draft rules for version 3.3
Changes in this version:
* Unit Cost formula - Attack Type costs removed - big units more expensive
* Some Special Powers downgraded (Cwoakamancy, Dirtamancy)
* Some Powers upgraded (Dancefighting)
* Changes to Combat Formula (defence removed from hits before random roll)
* Every unit now trumps two types of units
* Siege can't be fired back at
* Walls are tougher to knock down
* Commander levels table changed
* Only one special per Commander
* Changes to multiple attacks on same unit in a hex
The Return to Gobwin Bump
Map for Turn 16
Map for Turn 15
Map for Turn 14
Map for Turn 13
Map for Turn 12
Map for Turn 11
Map for Turn 10
Map for Turn 9
Map for Turn 8
Map for Turn 7
Map for Turn 6
Map for Turn 5
Map for Turn 4
Map for Turn 3
Map for Turn 2
Map for turn 1
This is a page to hold some draft rules for a "The Battle of Gobwin Bump" version 3.2
Changes in this version:
Siege now moves 2, but cannot move and attack.
Scout costs have changed, and Terrain Effects on Scouting added.
Change to take Defence out of the One Shot Wonder clause.
Change to Unit Costs.
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Apr 4, 2011, 4:15 PM
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