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Erfworld Empires X


“Erflia Reborn”

A play-by-post forum game presented by Lt. D. R. Grounds, and Mr Ronaldo Calliari, B.S.C., S.S.C..

It happens every hundred turns or so. One of the Great Empires crosses from East to West, or West to East, attempting to destroy one of the other Great Empires. This is fine, and normal, and as it should be. It just seems a shame that they have to pass through Erflia, a region of hot and dusty deserts and rugged mountain ranges. Life in Erflia is hard enough without some great power or other making a regular trek.

They wipe out everything, sack everything, pillage everything, and spend the Schmuckers on their Wars of Conquest. When the dust finally settles, the whole region is ravaged and laid waste. It takes dozens of turns for new sides to emerge and reclaim what was destroyed. Then those sides spend dozens of turns fighting amongst themselves, seeking to become the dominant power, and then one of the Great Empires decides it is time to attack the other Great Empire, and everything gets smacked down to rubble again.

But not this time. This time, things are going to be different. You’ve learnt, see. Or at least, your ruler learnt. They saw this coming. This time, your side sent you, the heir, and a few choice units, and a whole heap of Schmuckers into hiding. The casters fled to the Magic Kingdom. This time, when the dust settles, you’ll still be here, ready to get a jump on the still-blinking-newly-popped-baby-sides that are only just getting started.

This time, you’ll be able to conquer the whole region and be ready for the Great Empires with one of your own. You’ll be ruler of the whole of Erflia, and maybe, one turn, the whole Erf!


Some things you’ll need to know:

The Map:

The top of the map is an uncrossable ocean. The bottom is an endless desert. East and West are bordered by powerful Empires. The bit in between is mostly sand and rock. And cactuses. But there are roads and some farms and mines and city sites as well.

Movement Cost for Terrain Types:

Roads – 1MP (2MP for flyers)

Ordinary (desert, plains, grassland (ocean for water capable units)) – 2MP (2MP for flyers)

Difficult (Cactus, Woods, Hills, Dunes) – 3MP (2MP for flyers)

Very Difficult (Heavy Cactus, Mountains) – 5MP (2MP for flyers)

Impossible Terrain (Heavy Mountains) – Cannot be entered by any unit.




Cost to Upgrade

Schmuckers Produced

Structure Spots

Max. Garrison Size





15 units





25 units





35 units





50 units





75 units

*Only one city per side may be level 5.

Possible Structures:

Walls – defends against ground attack

Towers – defends against air attack

Dungeons – defends against subterranean attack

Barracks – produce troops of one kind – special troops might require more than one barracks to produce a single unit

Workshop – produce non-units (siege towers, boats, weapons, etc)

Throne Room – Impress your friends and fiends!

Portal Room – Gain access to the Magic Kingdom!



Economic Structures

There are various structures around the map that produce additional income. In order to produce income, the structure must be controlled, upgraded, and connected by road to one of your cities.

Mines and Farms may be upgraded at a cost of 200S per turn. Max level 5. They produce 50S per level.

Hunting Sites may be upgraded at a cost of 100S per turn. Max level 5. They produce 25S per level.



Every side can produce a number of units. You choose the fluff and builds for each type of unit when you build the first barracks for that kind.


A list of units your cities can pop follows. Base stats are in the form of: Hits/Combat/Defense/Move

After the unit’s base stats are the specials of the unit, followed by its customization points and the upkeep per turn. During creation every unit gets a number of points you can use to customize your units.

       Increase Hits by 1.5 for every point spent.

       Increase Move, Combat or Defense stats by 1 for every point spent.

       Some units can gain specials by spending points

       A unit with>15 hits is always “heavy”, but doesn’t gain additional benefit from it.

       Garrison Units are popped with 0 move, but can be promoted to Field to gain Move. Garrison units cost half as much to maintain, but only a certain number of units can be Garrisoned in a City. It costs twice normal maintenance to promote a unit to Field status (so a Garrison Stabber can be promoted to Field for 40S)


Unit Templates

Infantry – One Barracks to Pop One Unit

Stabber - (5/3/1/6)+4 (20)

Piker - (7/2/3/6)+4 (20)

Archer - (5/5/1/6, ranged) (20)

Scout - (3/0/0/10/ scout) (30)

The “scout” special gives very limited thinkamancy.


Special Units

Special units are divided into two classes, Knight (humanoid) and Beast (animal). Knights cannot be Mounts and Beasts cannot be Riders.

Two Barracks Turns to Pop 1 Unit:

Knight - (10/3/3/6/rider)+14 (60)

They may buy a single Simple special.


Special A/B - (8/2/2/6)+12 (40)


Three Barracks Turns to Pop 1 Unit:

Special C - (12/3/3/4)+18 (100)


Five Barracks Turns to Pop 1 Unit:

Special D - (16/4/4/4/heavy)+26 (200)



Naval Units

Naval units have an extra stat after move, cargo. A unit can hold an amount of light units equal to its cargo & heavy units equal to half of its cargo. Ships can only take ranged for a special. Naval Units are built by Workshops in Water Adjacent Cities.

One Workshop Turn:

Sloop - (6/2/2/12/8/water-capable)+5 (60)

Good for little more than carrying units.

Two Workshop Turns:

Galley - (8/3/3/8/16/water-capable)+10 (90)

A moderately powerful ship which can be used effectively in naval combat.

Four Workshop Turns:

Galleon - (10/5/5/8/30/water-capable)+20 (130)

Very powerful, doubling as battleships and huge troop carriers.


Character Units

Units need a Character Present to act ‘intelligently’. Stacks without Characters present will continue to follow the previous turn’s orders until they receive a direct order from a Character.


Characters may only be popped in your Capital.

It costs 100S per turn to try and Pop a Character. There is no guarantee that a unit will pop (the more Characters your side has, the lower the chance). Your Character might be:

A Courtier - (6/0/0/5) (25)

Command units responsible for supervising cities and maintaining “domestic” affairs, as well as Ambassadors to Foreign Powers. Technically a Command Unit that can provide some intelligent reactions in the field.

A Warlord - (10/4+1d4/4+1d4/5/leadership, rider) (100)

Command units that form the strategic backbone of a side. Above and beyond simply having Leadership, they have strategic thinking skills and can independently plan and carry out campaigns or critical large-scale battles. A warlord has a 5% chance of being popped with a Simple Special or Dance-fighting.

A Caster - (6/3/3/6/caster) (250)

Command units capable of using magic. More on casters later… maybe.


You Might Deliberately choose to pop an Heir for 1000S.

Heir (Designate) - (10/4+1d4/4+1d4/6/leadership, rider) (500)

A Command unit that will become the Ruler if the current one is croaked. Such title may be popped (an Heir) or bestowed upon an existing Command unit (an Heir Designate). If popped this unit has a 20% chance to get a Special as Warlords do. Promoting a unit increases its upkeep by 400 schmuckers, and does not change stats. Stats do not change when such a unit becomes Ruler.

Your side must have a ruler to exist.

Ruler: - (10/8/8/6/rider, leadership) (0+0/lvl)

A Ruler holds absolute authority over a side. Through natural thinkamancy they know the status of every unit on their side, and can issue very simple orders to units anywhere. The Ruler sets all cities’ production, and has final authority to End Turn. They also have the ability to disband their own units at any time, except when a unit is captured by the enemy.



There are 3 kinds of specials, simple, complex and D-class. Knights and all Special Units may buy Simple specials, only Special Units may buy Complex specials, and D-Class specials are reserved for D-units.


Flight - (2) Allows the unit to pass through terrain without getting movement penalties. These units cannot be attacked by melee infantry without flight or ranged unless they engage them in melee.

Ranged - (2) (6 for Flyers) Allows the unit to make ranged attacks making them able to hit units that normal troops are not able to hit (such as flying units, units on walls, etc).

Toxin - (2) Whenever this unit deals damage to a stack that stack takes damage equal to ½ of the unit’s combat.

Siege - (2) Allows the unit to attack walls.

Healer - (2) Once per day, the unit can restore 1 hit/level to another unit

Frightening - (3) Enemy units in the engaged stack lose leadership bonuses equal to the highest level frightening unit in the engaging stack.

Jinn Stealth - (3) If the unit ends turn with full move, it becomes veiled until it attacks or leaves the hex.



2 Points

Mount - Allows up to 1+(hits/10) light units to mount this unit. If they do not have the rider special they take a -4 penalty to combat.

Rider - Allows the unit to ride units with the mount special without taking a -4 penalty to combat.

(Terrain) Capability - A unit with terrain capability does not receive penalties from it’s chosen terrain. It also gives the unit a 50% bonus in combat while attacking or defense while defending.

Speed Boost - The unit gains +6 to Move. This special can be purchased multiple times.

Track - Natural Findamancy that allows the unit to follow ground units


3 Points

Fabrication - Unit can create simple items in the field – ladders, ropes, etc. Could be used to build Naval Units, etc.

Burrowing - Burrowing units can move underground, avoiding attack and terrain pentalties. A burrowed unit cannot attack, but can unburrow at will to surprise attack units.

Gust - Once per combat, the target stack cannot engage in melee

Homeguard - The unit cannot leave the city it is created/popped in, but gains an additional bonus equal to the level of the city.


4 Points

Dance-fighting - The unit gets a +4 bonus to combat. With leadership this can be applied to all led units in the same stack.

Leadership - All units in the stack gain a bonus equal to the leader’s level. A unit with leadership can command other units as a Warlord would, but lacks the sophisticated understanding of large-scale strategy that Warlords have.

Packmind - Units with this special grant a leadership bonus equal to the number of Packmind units in the stack. Units must all be of the same type to benefit.

Sour Spit - Once per combat, the target unit suffers -2 to combat and defense for the rest of the turn.

Score! - When the unit’s stack scores a crit or croaks an enemy, the unit gains a cumulative +1 Leadership bonus.

Meatshield - Units riding this unit use its defense score in place of their own (Prerequisite: Mount)

Battlecrap - CRAP! While flying, the unit may double their base attack while attacking ground targets. (Prerequisite: Flying)

Footbiter - The unit may double its base attack bonus when surprise attacking ground units while burrowing. (Prerequisite: Burrowing)

Earthshaker - While on the ground, the unit may double its base attack bonus when attacking other grounded units. (Prerequisite: Sonic Breath)

5 Points

Heavy - Unit gains +5/+3+3/+0 and cannot ride Mounts

6 Points



Speed Boost+ - (4) The unit gains +16 to Move. This is special can be purchased many times.

Breath weapon - (4-6) The breath weapon gives the unit a bonus to its combat. This does not count as a ranged attack unless the unit also buys the ranged special.

Fire - (6) Breath a stream of fiery doom over your enemies. The unit gets a +8 bonus to combat.

Lightning - (6) Breath a line of lightning (shocking :o). The unit gets a +8 bonus to combat.

Sonic - (6) Blast your enemy with soundwaves. The unit gets a +6 bonus to combat and the free siege special.

Acid - (4) -3 to target stack combat and defense stat during combat.

Smoke - (4) Target stack cannot give or receive leadership bonuses.

Bubble - (4) Target unit is immobilized until the start of its next turn.


Unique Unit Abilities

Promote to Heavy (100S)

     Unit gains +5/+3/+3/+0 and cannot ride Mounts



     Promote basic Infantry for 100S

     Unit gains the specials of a Knight, and an increase in stats equal to half the points spent designing the “on-pop” Knights.


Promote to Warlord

     Promote any infantry for 500S

     Gains Leadership and increases Loyalty


Chief Warlord (1 per side)

     Appointed for 500S

     Greatly increases Loyalty

     Increases Leadership score by 2

     Provides 30% of Leadership Score to all units on the side, and an extra 50% to those in the same hex.

     May End Turn


Heir Designate (1 per side)

     Appointed for 1500S

     Greatly increases Loyalty




Will be ignored except in exceptional circumstances.


Movement & Scouting

All Movement “rounds down”, meaning a unit must have the full Move required to enter a hex. So if for example a unit with 2 Move left attempts to enter a Mountain hex, they fail. Regardless of terrain type, units treat their own city hexes as having a Move cost of 1. This benefit extends to allied units.


Scouting is an important part of maintaining your side:

       Scouts reveal the hex they are in, as well as all adjacent hexes. Once a hex is revealed, a side will continue to see what happens in that hex – although no details of units.

     Scouts will always see the terrain type, structures, or other upgrades in adjacent hexes, and spot units in adjacent hexes, but can only count number of stacks and note the presence or absence of leadership in said stacks.

       Scouts have a Thinkamancy range of 6 hexes within which they can communicate with Command units.

       May "relay" information through other Scouts within their range.


No unit may move into an unrevealed hex. I know, I know, you’re all like “what? No way!” Well too bad, hypothetical objectionist. That’s the way it is.

Only scouts can reveal hexes. You need a scout on a naval unit to reveal hidden water hexes.

Number of Units per Hex:

A maximum of 75 units may be in a single hex. A maximum of 16 units may be in a stack. A maximum of 5 stacks may be in a hex. Unless specified by the player, stacks will form to maximum (and with random assortment).

A stack with up to 8 units will gain an additional attack for each unit in the stack.


So, you want to play?


Good for you.


Name your side, give some appropriate descriptions, and choose a representative colour.

You are a ruler unit. Name your ruler.

You have a warlord. Name your warlord.

You have 10 Stabbers, 3 Scouts, and 10 Archers. Name and design your units.

You have 2 Special “A” class beasts. Name and design your units.

You have a Treasury of 4000S (You and your Warlord each carry a purse with 2000S).

Pick a number between 1 and 100.

Did you decide to hide out near the coast, near the mountains, or near the deep desert?


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