Empires V

Mighty Erfpires


You rule an Erfpire. Each day you can issue one order.


Build a City – Spend 5 smuckers to build new city. There must be an army in the hex you are building in, and no other cities within 2 hexes.

Build a Farm – Spend 2 smuckers to build a farm in a plains hex adjacent to a controlled city. Only one farm per hex.

Build a Fort – Spend 2 smuckers to build a fort either in a hex adjacent to a city, or in a hex with an Army.

Build a Dinglehoober – Spend 2 smuckers to build a Dinglehoober in a hex adjacent to a city.

Recruit – Spend smuckers to create a new Army, or add units to an existing army in a City. Only one army is permitted in a hex. An Army may not have more than 8 units. You may not pop units more than double the number of cities you control – if you control 3 cities, you may pop 6 units per turn (if you can afford them).

Move – Choose one Army to move two hexes. Armies may not enter Mountain or Ocean hexes. If an Army enters a hex with an Army from another force, battle ensues…

Tax – Gain Smuckers from your Erfpire – 3 smuckers per city, and 1 per farm. A Tax order may only be issued once a week. Whenever a Tax order is issued, the Erfpire must also pay maintenance of 1 Smucker per controlled Army.

Trade – Gain Smuckers by Trading with another Erfpire – both sides must give a trade order in the same turn. Both gain smuckers equal to half of what they would from Tax, rounded down.

Tribute – Give a gift to another Erfpire equal to half your tax revenue. That Erfpire may not attack you for a week.



Infantry – Cost 1 Smucker, has 1 Combat and 1 Hit.

Flyer – Cost 3 Smuckers, has 3 Combat and 1 Hit.

Heavy – Cost 2 Smuckers, has 1 Combat, 1 Defence, and 1 Hit.



When two Armies meet in the same hex, combat results…

Each side inflicts damage on the other.

Total Combat + d6 - total opposing Defence = hits inflicted.


If an Army is in a Fort or City, it gains 3 Defence.


The side that the most hits must retreat one hex.



Winning the Game

The Game will be won by the Erfpire that is first to control 5 cities.


David Grounds,
Jun 13, 2012, 5:49 AM