3rd Workshop on Robot Competitions, Challenges and Benchmarking - exploring the synergies

European Robotics Forum 2014, 13 March 2014, Rovereto

Robot competitions, including the EU FP7 funded projects RoCKin and euRathlon, and robotics challenges such as EuRoC, are becoming widely accepted as a complementary approach to advance robotics R&D. Competitions stimulate innovation in a compelling way by providing researchers and developers with realistic mock up scenarios to test and compare their robots.

At the same time benchmarking is recognised as a major challenge in robotics – without benchmarks it is impossible to properly compare robot solutions – and several efforts have attempted to define and publish benchmarks (e.g., RawSeeds, BRICS, EURON SIG and IEEE TC on Good Experimental Methodology).

This workshop includes a panel of speakers – each leading competition challenge and/or benchmarking activities – to publically explore and debate the synergies between competitions, challenges and benchmarks. Ideally, competition scenarios, challenges and benchmarks should be co-created in order to both (a) utilise and test existing benchmarks in competitions and (b) use competitions to develop and extend benchmarks.

Link to 2013 ERF Workshop on Robot Competitions: Benchmarking, Technology Transfer, and Education