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Language, sexuality and power

Language and the politics of sexuality
Linguistics (journal)

Levon, Erez & Ronald Beline Mendes, eds. (2016). Language, sexuality and power: Studies in intersectional sociolinguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Levon, Erez (2010). Language and the politics of sexuality: Lesbians and gays in Israel. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Levon, Erez, Marie Maegaard & Nicolai Pharao, eds. (2017). The sociophonetics of /s/. Special Issue of Linguistics 55(5).

Selected Articles & Chapters

 fc Language and sexual politics. In Barrett, R. & K. Hall, eds., The Oxford handbook of language and sexuality. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

 2018 'Black diamonds', 'clever blacks', and other metaphors: Constructing the black middle-class in contemporary South African print media (with E. Dimitris Kitis & Tommaso Milani). Discourse & Communication. [doi]

 2017 Queering multilingualism and politics: Regimes of mobility, citizenship and (in)visibility (with Tommaso Milani). In Wodak, R. & B. Forchtner, eds., The Routledge handbook of language and politics, 528-540. London: Routledge.

 2017 The substance of style: Gender, social class and interactional stance in /s/-fronting in southeast England (with Sophie Holmes-Elliott). Linguistics 55: 1045-1072. [doi]
 2017 The embedded indexical value of /s/-fronting in Afrikaans and South African English (with Ian Bekker). Linguistics 55: 1109-1139. [doi]
 2017 The topography of masculine normativities in South Africa (with Tommaso Milani and E. Dimitris Kitis). Critical Discourse Studies 14: 514-531. [doi]
 2016 Sexing diversity: Linguistic landscapes of homonationalism (with Tommaso Milani). Language & Communication 51: 69-86. [doi]

 2016 Gender, interaction and intonational meaning: The discourse function of High Rising Terminals in London. Journal of Sociolinguistics 20(2): 133-163[doi]
 2016 'That's what I call a man': Representations of racialized and classed masculinities in the UK print media (with Paul Baker). Gender & Language 10(1): 106-139. [doi]

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 2016 Introduction: Locating sexuality in language (with Ronald Mendes). In Levon, E. & R. Mendes, eds. Language, sexuality and power: Studies in intersectional sociolinguistics, 1-18. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [book website]

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 2006 Mosaic identity and style: Phonological variation and Reform American Judaism. Journal of Sociolinguistics 10(2): 185-205.  [doi

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