Eréndira Clinic



About Us

  Under the auspices of the Palomar chapter of the Flying Samaritans International Organization, the Eréndira Clinic is operated by a student group of pre-health volunteers primarily from Palomar College, UC San Diego, San Diego State University, and Cal State San Marcos. Dedicated to helping meet the medical needs of under-served communities in Mexico, the Eréndira clinic is one of 18 clinics in Baja California operated by the Flying Samaritans.

    Traveling together as acaravan about 3 and a half hours past the United States Border along both paved and dirt roads, volunteers become witness to the broad spectrum of living conditions in Mexico. Pre-dental and pre-med liaisons manage both dental and medical clinics, learning from the start how to serve the local and global communities. Currently, student volunteers are completing the construction of a new, permanent dental clinic trailer, consisting of 4  patient operatories, dental x-ray services, and a dental laboratory.

    With the professional efforts of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and dental specialists, the Eréndira Clinic program is designed to provide free general services for those who may not have any other access to healthcare. The student volunteers have the chance to learn from and work alongside our licensed volunteer healthcare professionals.

    Moreover, the general sentiment is that helping in such a pure form becomes an immensely gratifying experience for everyone involved. Smiles not only exude from the patients and their families as they leave the operatories, but also are effusively spilling from the dentists, physicians, and volunteers who all seem to share the joys of altruism.