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Kitae Baek, Prof. 
Phone : +82-63-270-2437
Fax : +82-63-270-2449
Office : Engineering 6th Building 323                      (Lab: 319)

   ' 1997, B.S., Chemical Engineering, KAIST
   ' 1999, M.Se., Chemical Engineering, KAIST
   ' 2003, Ph.D., Chemical & Bimolecular Eng., KAIST

 Professional Experience
   ' 2000.06 ~ 2001.04 : Univ. of Loughborough(UK), Visiting Researcher
   ' 2003.09 ~ 2004.03 : Post-Doc. @KAIST
   ' 2004.04 ~ 2004.08 : Senior Researcher @RIST
   ' 2004.09 ~ 2012.02 : Assistant & Associate Professor @Kit
   ' 2008.08 : 7th Symposium on Electrokinetic Remidiation, Co-Chair
   ' 2008.08 ~ 2009.09 : Invited Editor, Separation Science and Technology
                                     for Electrokinetic Remediation special issue
   ' 2011.01 ~ 2011.12 : Visiting Research Prof. @Northeastern Univ., USA
   ' 2012.03 ~ 2016.03 : Associate Professor @Chonbuk National University
   ' 2014. 10 : 2nd International Conference on Contaminated Land,
                     Ecological Assessment and Remediation, Co-Chair
   ' 2015.11 ~ date : Director, Soil Environ. Res. Center@Chonbuk Natl Univ.
   ' 2016.04 ~ date : Full Professor @Chonbuk National University

    Journal of Soils and Sediments (JSS), Subject Editor
    Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Coordinating Editor and Board
    Korean Journal of Chemical Engineers, Associate Editor
    Environmental Engineering and Research, Topical Editor

 Academic Society
   ' 2002 ~ present : Kor. Inst. Chem. Eng., Member
   ' 2002 ~ date : Kor. Soc. Environ. Eng., Editorrial Board
   ' 2002 ~ date : Kor. Soc. Soil & G.W. Environ., Editorial Board
   ' 2012 ~ date : Editorial Board Member, The Scientific World Journal(SCIE),
                          Division of Chemical Engineering


  Post-Doc course

 Name : Eun-Ki Jeon
 E-mail : jky1001@nate.com 


 Name : Jong-Gook Kim

 Name : Hye-Bin Kim

  MS course
 Name : Patrick Maheshe

 Name : Jeong-Hawn Choi

 Name : Su-Jin Min

 Name : Dong-Hun Shin

 Name : Jungyeol Jo

 Name : Eun-Yeong Han

 Name : TaeSun Kim



*Min-Chul Shin (MS, minchaa@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Investigation of Surfactant Effect on Reductive Dechlorination of 
 TCE by Zero-Valent Iron

*Do-hyung Kim (Ph.D, dhkim1979@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Environmental Assessment of Remediation Technologies for 
 Heavy Metal-contaminated Soil

*Hyun-Doc Choi (MS, doc3040@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Removal of As(Ⅴ) and Cr (ⅤI) onto Surfactant-Modified Activated


*Chil-Sung Jeon (MS, daegumil@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Adsorption Characteristics of As(Ⅴ) and Heavy Metals onto
 Iron-Coated Zeolite

*Tserennyam Batjargal (Ph.D, )
 Thesis title : Stabilization of Metal-Contaminated Soil using Mongolian Natural


*Sung-Woo Park (MS, neo1116@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Remediation of Waste Lubricant and Zn-Contaminated Soil

*Byung-Gon Ryu (MS, gony772@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Pulse-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Zn and
 Cd- Contaminated Soil

*Jung-Min Cho (MS, minybunga@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Electrokinetic Restoration for Agricultural Saline Soil


*Kyung-Jo Kim (MS, seh-zzang@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Electrokinetic Remediation of Heavy Metals from Dredged Marine


*Enkhtur Otgonjargal (Ph.D, )
 Thesis title : Removal Characteristics of Oxyanionic Metals by Fe-Mn Layered
 Double Hydroxide and Double Oxide


*Geun-Yong Park (MS, goodseed12@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Electrokinetic Remediation of As, Cu and Pb Contaminated
 paddy soil

*Sung-Ung Jo (MS)
 Thesis title Ehanced Electrokinetic Restoration of saline soil combined 
 with pulse power and PH control system

*Woo-Seung Kim (MS)
 Thesis title : Evaluation on the Field Application of Electrokinetic Remediation
 for multi-metal Contaminated Paddy Soil


*Young-Soo Kim (MS)
 Thesis title : 

*Cha-Dol Lee (MS, diquartz@nate.com)
 Thesis title : 

*Bo-ram Hwang (MS, bo-ram98@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Extractive and Oxidative Removal of copper Bound to Organic
 Matters in Soil


*Ji-Min Jung (MS,  jj1333@nate.com)
 Thesis title : In Situ Field Application of Electrokinetic remediation for
 an As-, Cu-, and Pb-Contaminated Rice Paddy site Using Parallel Electrode

*Su-Won Lee (MS, lifriendil@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Iron Anode-Enhanced Activation of Persulfate for the removal of
 Phenol and Petroleum Compounds

*Jae-Cheol Lee (MS, jae7172@nate.com)
 Thesis title : The extraction of arsenic bound to iron oxides using oxalate and


*Yeon-Jun Shin (MS, shinyeonjun1085@gmail.com)
 Thesis title : Ferric-Based Remediation for Zn-Contaminated Soil

*Su-Yeon Shin (MS, )
 Thesis title : Electrokinetic removal of arsenicfrom soil washing residue

*So-Ri Ryu (MS, sr01290@hanmail.net)
 Thesis title : Adsorption of As(Ⅲ) and As(Ⅴ) in groundwater by Fe-Mn binary
 oxides impregnated granular activated carbon(IMIGAC)


*Jong-Chan Yoo (Ph.D, ppoppo302@gmail.com)
 Thesis title : Remediation strategies based on mineralogy and fractionation

*Song-Jong Kawk (MS, daj1@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Study in effect of Mn(II), clay mineral and organic acid on Cr(VI) reduction

*Je-Shin Lee (MS, jebyfood@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Investigation of binding property between Cesium and Clay, and Exchange Cesium on the contaminated soil for harmless cation

*Pil-Yong Jeon (MS, jpy90jpy@hanmail.net)
 Thesis title : Oxidation of Azo dye by persulfate activated by iron and processing of by-products


*Eun-Ki Jeon (Ph.D, jky1001@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Enhanced soil washing process for arsenic-contaminated soil by reduced re-adsorption of arsenic and improved dissolution of amorphous iron oxides

*Sang-Min Park (Ph.D, sangmin8657@gmail.com)
 Thesis title : Remediation of cesium-contaminated soil based on characteristics of adsoption and fixation of cesium onto clay minerals

*Myeong-Eun Lee (MS, myn214@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Simultaneous application of chelating and reducing agents for enhanced extraction of arsenic bound to crystalline iron oxides

*Geun-Seok Yoon (MS, rmstjr6249@naver.com)
 Thesis title : In the on line monitoring of total organic carbon

*Seon-Hee Kim (MS, ksh6232@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Reduced translocation of arsenic by oxygen releasing compounds in paddy rice field


*Heui-Won Yang (MS, qqwqqwq@naver.com)
 Thesis title : Control of reaction parameters to enhance wet chemical oxidation of wastewater in total organic carbon analysis

*Seung-Hee Kang (MS, seungheek93@nate.com)
 Thesis title : Kinetic-enhanced granular arsenic adsorbents by thermal treatment of water purification sludge and alginate/molasses

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