Sites we use

This is a selection of some of the sites that we have found of interest and use in our work.  A general aim of the group is that relevant information arising from our work is recorded on the appropriate national database repository.

 National Library of Scotland
This is our most valued site.  The world class map facilities of the National Library of Scotland are an outstanding facility for anyone interested in landscape history.  Also, there is access to much other material such as post office directories and various catalogues.  If you reside in Scotland, the National Library's licensed digital collections are a particularly rich resource.  If you need to visit the library to access something from their important manuscripts collection, the manuscripts reading room is perfect.

 Garden History Society The Garden History Society (GHS) is the oldest society in the world dedicated to the conservation and study of historic designed gardens and landscapes.
 Association of Garden Trusts The Association consists of 35 County Gardens Trusts from all over England, and is affiliated to the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust.
 Welsh Historic Gardens Trust The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT) is a national organisation campaigning to save historic gardens and parks from neglect, indifference, insensitive planning and planting for future generations.
 The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland Scotland's national collection of historic resource information incorporating an archive of many millions of photographs, maps, drawings and documents about buildings and landscapes, from prehistory to the present day.
 UK Parks and Gardens A project to develop a dedicated web-based resource, freely available to individuals, for information relating to historic parks, gardens and other green open spaces throughout the United Kingdom
 Historic Scotland Gardens inventory Historic Scotland is carrying out a comprehensive resurvey of the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland, which was first published in 1987 and further information can be found here